Orchid Propagation

If you are interested in increasing their orchids, learn how it’s done. In orchids there are two different ways of reproduction, once the generative orchids reproduction (sexual reproduction by seeds. The plants differ due to the genes of the parents), than the vegetative orchids second reproduction (asexual reproduction through Meristems (young tissue), Kamar or Keiki […]


Multiply their orchids inventory independently by offshoot. You can create these cuttings by three different methods. While the generative propagation of orchids, seed propagation, or by tissue culture, for a layman difficult to perform, you can cultivate vegetatively relatively easy orchids offshoot. PI Industries has much to offer in this field. The propagation of orchids […]

BPI Solutions Presents The New CRM Release 4.0

The CRM software sales performer for years has belonged to the recognised and leading CRM solutions particularly in the furniture industry, manufacturing industry and in the logistics sector. The Bielefeld have further developed their solution and offer the sales performer now available for other sectors of industry and trade. Here were already systems such as […]

Managing Director

Wages rise in two stages next to / legislators must declare new minimum wages for universal application food (September 05, 2011). The negotiators have agreed in the building cleaner craft on a new agreement, which has a term of 22 months. This envisages a further increase of 2.05 percent an increase of 3.1 per cent, […]