GSE Protect Extended Mandate Of Butterfly Communications

Family business managed next press – and public relations company GSE protect security far operating the Germany has extended the mandate for butterfly communications and continues the cooperation with the Berlin-based Office of communications and public affairs in the press – and public relations. “Especially in the discussion of the minimum wage in the surveillance […]

Support In Everyday Issues

Lecture series in Grete Meissner central safety in road traffic, protection of investments or healthy diet: topics that deal with which many seniors are. The railway housing association works on now Consumer Affairs Schwerte (EEC) and Grete Meissner Centre (GMZ) like this in a joint lecture series. The first event in the House of Kreinberg […]

Central Document

‘How many written inquiries gets your company for a day?’, ‘ how long, your employees need because on average for an a/p invoice processing?’. These and similar questions on the subject of incoming documents can usually don’t or are answered only by means of elaborate time calculation in the Department. However, this information without question […]

Restposten24: Multilingualism In The Internet Desired

( – “many customers from other European countries have turned please with this to us.” says the managing director Markus Filler. Mainz: In the European market, it is the buyers and sellers made easier your articles will be made across borders to provide so the thriving cross-border transactions possible. Through business relationships in Europe even […]

Patavinae Spa

From the classic mud treatment to the Termalismo Moderno Montegrotto, Galzignano and Battaglia, Abano is one Terme of four resorts in the Euganean thermal basin in the province of Padua and one of the most famous in Italy. \”The saline and sulphurous spring at the foot of the Euganean Hills from the Montirone and were […]

Friday Big Ben

Holiday time is city iron – off holiday trips are welcome diversions for days. New countries learn and immerse it in the rhythm of an unfamiliar city are more exciting than to spend the holidays just lying on the beach. Alone the European capital cities offer many options for overnight trips. Travel educates and expands […]