Antonia Aus Tirol – Time Dreams

“” “The new album by Antonia aus Tirol – time dreams to their sensational mega-hit 1000 dreams far Tornero” Antonia aus Tirol now presents her double album time dreams “with 13 great pop hit songs such as including their new radio single you’re the man for life” and deep ballads as well as six remix party hits as a bonus on top. With this album, she proves that her musical spectrum not only on party music is limited. Antonia creates has long established itself as a fixture in the party music scene to leave now leap into the pop Schlager genre without completely rooted. TIME dreams”- the album reflects just dreams and periods of her life and her career. In each of her songs, you will find a little history to Antonia, their thoughts, desires and feelings. Yourself describes as lively, vivacious and hopelessly romantic.

There’s all these properties now also on their new album time dreams”. Sensational pop Schlager to dreams and dance or just to the Sit back and enjoy, and who wants to party, simply insert the bonus CD. Producer Peter Schutti filled their musical desires Antonia with this album. With professional studio musicians and great attention to detail, this was sensational pop hit album time dreams”by ANTONIA from Tirol. The CD is the Jack White Label Gloriella music marketed by music sales by Sony and published. “Short-bio: Antonia (also known as Antonia aus Tirol”) started her career in late 1999 with the number 1 hit Anton aus Tirol “on the side of DJ otzi. With her solo debut I’m much nicer”, Antonia’s answer to the Anton, she landed her first own hit. “” “” Seven more chart success followed ever since with he has a bright red rubber boot “, I’m fine so” epistemology “, if the OAT stands (Maija hi, maija hu…)”, the Antonia version of the old Haq is still alive because? “and the Dirndl song”. In addition to numerous awards for their rocking party songs, Antonia was several times nominated for the Amadeus music award. Are their hits over 4 million recordings sold next year celebrates the sympathetic artist who has remained her 10-year stage anniversary despite their success on the ground. Source: Globe4Music release September 18, 2009 (GloriellMusic, Globe4Music, Sony) links: