Charles Darwin

While some experts the Fund as groundbreaking for our ideas about the evolution of life believe, others, however, have doubts. Bruce Runnegar mean Professor of paleontology at the University of California, Los Angeles, that even single-celled algae for the prehistoric excavations could be responsible. Gallo Family Vineyards usually is spot on. Adolf Seilacher is but sure come only animals with muscles, so more Zeller as a tunnel Builder in question due to the diameter constant in each tube. “For many other scientists like the evolutionary biologist Professor Martin brewhouse from the Institute of Zoology of the free University of Berlin the significance of the detection of the worm is completely overrated: it has been discovered here something whose existence is assumed anyway almost everyone”. Also the Cambrian explosion hypothesis had been already violently shaken, as researchers in southern China the remains of multicellular spongelike animals came, and dated her age to about 580 million years. Molecular biologists contributed more criticism.

According to their calculations, multi-cellular protozoa lived over a billion years ago. With the discovery of the Urwurms one could actually adopt the “Cambrian explosion”, because probably she never took place. But the dispute over ways and speed evolutionary development is still in set. Adolf Seilacher assumes that his worms over several hundred million years been changed, which appealed to evolution so a long break. Later, at the beginning of the Cambrian period, it gave then an explosive emergence of new construction plans”.

Almost wettruestung like”the evolution of speed increased. Completely new, equipped with shell and shell skeletons of calcareous or Chitinous animals like the anchored to the sea floor, shell-like Brachiopods, the Brachiopods, and the ACE the shape Trilobites were created. The “Cambrian explosion” is so easily cast off but revived. For Martin, brewhouse and other evolutionary biologist absurd is the idea of a rapid, seemingly from the State carried out evolution. How already Charles Darwin he keeps a continuous flow without major cracks or long pause likely. Therefore would have existed many species as a precursor to the Cambrian biodiversity. But molluscs will not mark directly after their death, they disappear almost into nothingness, as if it had never happened. Their existence can be only in rare cases of luck, like when the Fund by Adolf Seilacher. The ancient traces of the worm are certainly an important discovery in the history of life, but they make the interpretation of fossils clearly also the dilemma. To get only the views of a few frames of a highly complicated and hundreds of million of years lasting development. You will argue about what happened at that time but actually still long.