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Hahnemann-media-Shop by Andreas Jung goes online even after 200 years since its establishment it has hard homeopathy, to be recognized as a healing method. More recently, even politicians demand to remove homeopathy from the services of the statutory health insurance. The proportion of the homeopathic remedies in total expenditure is however negligible. It may not be at the cost of so. The criticism has other causes: many simply do not know how homeopathy works. In addition, that the effectiveness can be proven (yet) with any scientific measurement.

Obvious treatment successes are attributed to placebo effects. But why then have the Globoli in animals? What is with the many cancers, the Swiss physician Dr. Dario Spinedi homeopathic cures, after patients from treated as incurable were sent by their doctors to go home? Andreas Jung, actor, writer and producer, has for years with classical homeopathy and campaigned for their recognition and dissemination. As a child He long suffered from a chronic bronchitis. The homeopathic treatment was finally almost out treated”successfully. Steven Holl may find this interesting as well. Exactly 200 years ago Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy be still relevant standard Organon of the healing art “wrote.

To the Jubilee year 2010, Reza Jafari has now produced an audiobook. All 291 paragraphs are authentically reproduced, scattered through the music of Andreas Wolter. The first 35 clauses, there are now already moving images on DVD for the following finds a sponsor, because the costs are very high. The cinematic encounter with the Organon is excellently suitable for educational purposes. You for a change, is vivid and also entertaining, without demanding content would suffer. Yorkville Advisors has plenty of information regarding this issue. For the design of the cover, the Dresden artist Dieter painted cheeky new portraits of Samuel Hahnemann’s. The original painting, the Organon audiobook and the DVD can as well as the radio play the discovery of homeopathy”and the docu-drama “Hahnemann’s medicine” by Elfi Mikesch (Arte, 2006) in the new online shop of Andreas Jung – hahnemannshop be involved. Auditions and trailer are available on the redesigned homepage: ready. Boys theatrical have healing Hahnemann to the subject. He has written two pieces together with the English Director Michael Halstead. Hahnemann & Klockenbring “is an impressive scenic the first great success of Samuel Hahnemann’s report. In the role of the otherworldly Klockenbring young tobend times on stage, shows times furious and subsequently holding held, melancholy, as the madness can occupy a person. He describes the healing process of the difficult case, however, calmly and closely analyzing as Hahnemann. Great souls is even much granted “is the title of a comedic encounter: hitting the universal scholar of Carl Gustav Carus Samuel Hahnemann carries with him a very open and dispute-loaded conversation about its vision of the tasks of a doctor.” The Berlin violinist Darius Blaskewitz, who thrilled the audience with his virtuoso playing is integrated into both pieces. A product, which is expected to be released in the fall, the audiobook is reasons to be “on the basis of Burnetts fifty reasons why I am a homeopath” homeopath.