The Egyptian tarot is a complete system of fortune-telling, where every one of its parts has a special relevance and interrelates in a particular way with the rest of the elements of the array. Thus, consider only in the circulation of the tarot major arcana, it could be considered an error, because this way 56 letters, each of which has a special significance are set aside.In the tarot Chuck also needed the minor arcana, because their weaker energy tempers and gives greater precision in meaning to the minor arcana. Then, it is not the same thing at a circulation of tarot out death, revealed that to escape death, together with the two gold medals, which speaks to us of balance and change. Then, not would be death itself, but that a stage has come to an end, and need to make a balance, because a change is coming.The minor arcana are grouped into four suits: oros, bastos, swords and cups, and each of the sticks can be considered as a group, with a particular significance in itself. Golds tell us about projects, plans that are based on the real world. It has to do with wealth, although not exclusively. Others including yorkville advisors, offer their opinions as well. In the tarot Chuck they may wish to refer to new jobs, or new ventures projects. And every card of the suit of the oros prints a precise meaning to the message of the arcana.

For example, the three gold tells us that hard work and serving others is already sufficient reward in themselves. The arcana of the stick of the clubs talk about energy, creativity. They have a similar to the swords of vibration, but not so aggressive. While the ACE of Spades may want to tell us that we have a powerful weapon at our disposal, the ACE of coarse speaks of fertility, projects that are met, perhaps the arrival of a son. Read more from Mark Angelo Yorkville to gain a more clear picture of the situation. These subtle nuances make a big difference in the circulation of the tarot.The suit of cups tells us about sentimental, though not exclusively worldwide. The ACE of cups may want us to indicate the arrival of a new love. If tarot Chuck exited accompanied lovers, we have the love of our lives, very possibly, and not only that, but they are reciprocated.It is clear then that a range of meanings that temper and give greater precision to the major arcana, provide the inclusion of arcana tarot Chuck minor contributing to achieving more accurate readings.