Even With World Of XChange, At The Other End Of The World Live!

World of XChange provides you with the opportunity to spend an unforgettable year in Chile! Chile is an impressive country that everyone should discover absolutely. It is to see everything from the desert in the North to the glaciers of the ice in the South. Chile has to offer a variety of flora and fauna, such as scarcely any other country, and is separated from the rest of the world by the Andes. This impressive scenery of the Andes is to see from any location in the capital city of Santiago and to marvel at. By the way as an exchange student to live a year in this country get to know another culture and people, which you gain unique experience and can create many friendships for life. As seen in Germany is quite different.

The school system provides for a 12-year compulsory education for the students. The eight-year primary school starts at the age of about 6 years. Then the students can make a four-year dual training or visit the higher education school, where the students a test on the suitability for make the University. In College, remain the students in a classroom and are not like in Germany in a price system. Also, the number of private schools is exceptional.

But the State schools with limited financial resources are not well equipped and their students, they can offer no effective training. Therefore, the public schools have a worse reputation and the parents try everything we can to send her children to a private school. World of XChange can be to be a part of a Chilean family and to grow the new experiences allows German students. A stay abroad is always a unique experience. Young people learn to respond flexible and tolerant, they grow beyond their own borders and develop their personality.