Getting Healthy

Health helps us to endure considerable congestion. Good health enables a person a long and active life. Consider the effect of physical activity on changes in the body with regular exercise. The main burden falls on the sport support – motor apparatus, and more specifically to a system muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. The muscles are the only motor component of the human body. Any movement or work is the result of their reduction.

Reducing myshsch – the result of coordinated work of nerve centers. During the training exercise, not only muscles but also the nerve centers. Regular moderate exercise has a positive impact on your joints. Excessive exercise can affect the condition of the joints. For the normal development of bones ligaments and joints during exercise to provide the body with necessary minerals and vitamins.

Sports activities also affect the cardio – vascular system. They have a stimulating effect on the heart. Moderate physical training can help prevent varicose veins and venous thrombosis of lower extremities. The number of red blood cells during the occupation sports increases. This improves the supply of oxygen to tissues. When exercising there are changes in the respiratory system. Lungs trained individuals differ significantly from the lungs of people without involved in sports. Due to better ventilation people involved in sports, much less suffer yuronhitom and pneumonia. Moderate exercise have a favorable effect on metabolic processes substances in the body. fat metabolism in people involved in sports accelerated. A sufficiently large amount of fat used for physical activity. Regular exercise can help prevent the development of such a severe disease of blood vessels such as atherosclerosis. Carbohydrate metabolism during exercise is accelerated. At the same time carbohydrates are used for energy. To perform fast movements of the power expended in the main carbohydrates. To perform the long slack loads used fats. Moderate exercise have a beneficial healing effect on the body. Regular exercise is an important prophylactic against diseases of cardio – vascular system, metabolic disorders, diseases of – the motor system. But it is important to note that only moderate exercise have beneficial effects on human health. Excessive physical exertion dangerous to humans and can lead to different zaolevaniyam. In general, sport for all members. It is only necessary to evaluate their physical abilities and to choose the sport that you would be fun. Any form of movement are useful only if they match your abilities.