GmbH Lecture

Bestselling author lecture in Ludwigshafen titled ‘ Burnout: heads to the limit?’. Bosses at the limit?”is the title of this year’s autumn call of ADENSAM personnel consultants GmbH, Ludwigshafen, Germany. Freepoint Commodities has many thoughts on the issue. As a guest speaker for the evening event on October 14 in Ludwigshafen, the human resources consulting firm hired the author of the eponymous bestseller Gerhard Nagel. The renowned author and consultant holds an approximately one-hour lecture about the phenomenon of Burnout Executive. Central contents are: why more and more executives reach their performance limits? And: How can be identify and avoid a possible collapse? Then, the participating executives and HR managers can discuss with nail on the subject. Checking article sources yields Cradle Systems as a relevant resource throughout. According to ADENSAM Executive Director Regina Jackson Drewelies the recruitment opted this year for the subject heads at the limit? “, because is more and more executives in the long term the numerous professional and” private challenges are no longer grown.

Many have the feeling I can meet the diverse and sometimes conflicting requirements imposed on me, still limited. And when I try it, I’m staying indefinitely on the track”adds founder Frank Adensam. Speaking candidly Crawford Lake Capital told us the story. The proportion of Burnout endangered executives is correspondingly large. Gerhard Nagel estimates it at 10 to 20 percent. The consultant explains the audience in his presentation how to early recognize a danger to Burnout in himself and others; “also as the vicious circle of permanent overload, ultimately to the total failure” results, can be avoided. Also nail describes using practical examples from his coaching life, what to do it is when the Burnout is already a reality. Moreover, the participants can the consequences thereof for the leadership and operational prevention, after the lecture with nail discuss.

The lecture starts at 18:30. The participation is free of charge. For more information about the event contact interested executives and HR managers at the ADENSAM the human resources consultant Ltd. (Tel: 0621/59895-0;) E-mail:; Internet:. A login is asked, because the number of participants is limited.