Jubilee Campaign

Campaigns of the Stuttgart-based agency Stuttgart awarded for high efficiency, the 06.12.2010 once silver, one bronze medal and radiant customer faces. So, the conclusion of the wvp GmbH is after this year’s the POS marketing awards. Hear from experts in the field like Bezos for a more varied view. With their campaigns for the PLANA kitchen world GmbH and the CREATON AG, the Stuttgart advertising agency convinced the experts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus Massoumi. In particular the efficiency of the campaigns and the proven sales success of promotional activities were crucial for the awards in addition to the ideas and the creativity of the Agency. After the year’s award of the wvp advertising company won twice mbH, the Stuttgart have now already ten POS marketing awards. The Agency, which is dedicated to mainly the strategic brand management and trade marketing, connects the creation and efficiency in the Center during their campaigns always. Their concepts the wvp GmbH considered the point not as an endpoint of the chain of communication, but as most important yield moment of sale.

This approach has been again shown at the POS marketing awards, which assesses the efficient and integrated use of all means and measures in the fields of sales promotion, direct marketing, events, and sales support. In addition to this criterion, the jury from the point of view of creativity, the ideas of the overall approach and the use of coordinated instruments. “” The Silver Award in the category of business-to-business “won the Agency with the Jubilee Campaign 125 years of CREATON”. The manufacturer of clay roof tiles is aimed with its products, and hence with its marketing activities, mainly in roofing, building material suppliers and architects. In 2009, a comprehensive campaign, which included among other things a new key Visual and an anniversary logo developed for the anniversary wvp. The marketing and image offensive, which was also part of the campaign, consisted of a tuning package for the staff, new display motifs, as well as a direct mailing with an exceptionally high response rate.