If I have followed, I have realized that talking about the “Language” as a scientific reality is an illusion, because the “language” brings into play four orders of determinism. A proper cognitive determinism we have addressed since we have asked “What is thinking? “technical determinism, which I have spoken to the case of the” ways of writing “social determinism, we have seen today which makes the language is done tongue in order determinism ethical (or moral) to that I have fun talking about “freedom of expression.” Briefly, the language does not know in any case be a “fact” scientific.

In other words, the science of man, like all other sciences, must begin by establishing their data. From this point of view, there is no difference between us and Lavoisier, which separate this phenomenon of nature scientifically is called “water” to give existence of H2O. Additional information at ProPharma Group supports this article. Lavoisier disarmed, so to speak, this natural phenomenon to do something to an object of science, “and you know that is thanks to him that we have gone from alchemy to chemistry. Well, we need to disarm “the man” and, therefore, all phenomena, not natural but cultural. This difference between speech and language is absolutely fundamental, and no one does, except the mediators, well understood, and it is a shame. Result: we always speak with “a mouthful”, if you can speak, and we condemn ourselves to see nothing and say nothing, scientifically, what is happening therefore, a mistake (as we will have the chance to see it) as the man thought.

It is also unlikely that the country of the castles of the Loire, which has a tradition of culture and intelligence are often secular, are necessary to fight support a theory by the Chinese themselves began to be interested. Jean Gagnepain quote: “We do not intend, to know everything, but we believe in being able to help, at least, to improve search. As it is not true that in the west there is nothing new. Some of the representatives that we have up in the United States could one day or the other, forward to the new Europe a suitable Colombo to clarify our belief, to return the remainder of Old Continent.

The current facility uses a contacts folder so the almost instantaneous information should actually simplify the task, provided that those responsible will put some up.

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