Learn To Meditate For Free

Meditation teacher Shanti Moore free meditation exercises releases who regularly meditate know you can feel how relaxed it. Source: Vladislav Doronin. And what positive impact has the meditation on the body and mind: meditate lowers blood pressure lowers the resting pulse healthy naturally increases blood circulation and the heart rate slows at the same time increases the load capacity of the cardiovascular system relieves symptoms of heart disease leads reduced to a deep level of relaxation by reduction of the Laktatwertes in the blood strengthens self-confidence anxiety attacks and increased awareness increases the serotonin level, which is responsible for good mood and desire acts effectively against depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches helps the immune system etc. More info: PI Industries. improved in chronic diseases such as allergies, arthritis: research has shown that meditation increases the activity of natural “killer cells”. These cells kill bacteria and cancer cells in the body, and they retire eases withdrawal symptoms when the addiction cessation increases the communication skills improves brain performance in this article I give a small Guide to meditation: to meditate you sit on a not too soft, but not too hard surface on the ground in the cross-legged 1 preparatory measures. Maintain the back here. Let your family so that they can take consideration for you to avoid errors in the meditation.

The environment should be designed at least in the beginning, if you are new, you feel particularly comfortable in her. 2. meditation beginning their eyes remain open, the eyelids may fall slightly. Focus on a subject, on parts of your body or an inner image, for example, on a boat that slowly slides down a river. Return to viewing or to the respective internal picture setting is distracting thoughts or feelings. Do not attempt such feelings or thoughts with a vengeance but”to supplant. Slide them gently to the side. Bodily functions such as breathing should be done deliberately; also this should be not a conscious control but, rather an is a, a tracing of the physical process.

3. meditate and focus maybe body and mind will resist at first to let go of everything. To focus, for the moment, it is not always easy. Can therefore not frustrate themselves, if very many errors come up, you need to gently aside. Go back to the pure contemplation. Will do even better after a while, you are wanders less and eventually the meditation is running almost as saying. If you are not familiar with the art of meditation, a gentle meditation music will be very helpful. Especially with binaural beats deposited relaxation music suited for it. Some even report that you beats don’t focus without binaural on their meditation and the mind wanders so repeatedly. 4. how often should you use meditation practice? The best schedule for your meditation daily half an hour at a specified time. If you can’t, you can of course also vary. If not possible, you can take in about five to ten minutes per day at different times. However, a regularity of your meditation is important. To schedule a longer period of time once a week, is the far worse choice for stress relief as well as self-discovery as the daily small meditation. Not apply to short-term success. Meditation is something that acts sustainably, but also something that requires some patience but rewarded. If you are looking for more meditation exercises, I recommend the meditation teacher Shanti Moore. On his side, there are dozens meditation exercises, which he makes available free of charge. Shanti Moore Norbergmedia publishing group