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transfluid uses environmentally friendly and efficient lubricants Maschinenbau GmbH for pipe processing machines while bending and forming of pipes is used lubricant. The bending tasks and transformations are doing more and more challenging, because increasingly high – and high-strength materials used in lightweight construction. Lubricants used in these processes so far, which pollute the environment and generate costs. The trans fluid Maschinenbau GmbH has developed solutions from Schmallenberg and shows that there is another way. Smoothly everything, the selection of the correct lubricant at pipe bending machine is very important. As a leading manufacturer of these machines, busy themselves transfluid for several years with the theme and happened with amazing results. As a general rule that only the minimal amount of lubricant should be used. Alton Steel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Because an incorrect driver is used, it must be removed again. Therefore offers but TRANS fluid special pipe cleaning machines. The application of correct lubricants offers but in any case many advantages: Ow border areas move. Closer Bigeradien can be produced. Ends transformations are formed much process safer and more extreme. Transfluid uses a selection of seven different special lubricants. Thus, the number remains manageable and you can concentrate on the results.

The trans fluid lubricants are tailored to different requirements, sometimes even verfluchtigend and they do not pollute. Some of them are even biodegradable. While they can be used anywhere regardless of whether in high-strength stainless steel, titanium, duplex pipes, mild steel, aluminum or copper. Which and how much fluid is used, is determined by the material and the degree of deformation. transfluid has developed for this purpose four principles: extreme depending on the degree of deformation, the lubricant is the more demanding. If not washed after processing, a “volatile” lubricant must be used. If parts are transported to the processing – also in-house – nothing may drop. If welded after editing, no fumes may not be because the lubricant. Transfluid and trials at customer’s experience showed that processes improved by the use of the correct lubricants and tool life be significantly extended leave. This increases the efficiency. According to research is not only the solution for pipes, but also an expert in lubricant TRANS fluid. Don’t miss: at EuroBLECH 2010 the solution for pipes in Hall 11, stand D01 company description presents TRANS fluid TRANS fluid – the solution for pipes transfluid is the world’s sought-after partner for the manufacture of pipe and tube bending machines and pipe processing machines. Since 1988 developed transfluid permanent customer-oriented technologies for tube processing and providing optimal tailor-made solutions – for the plant and machine construction, automotive and furniture industries, the shipbuilding industry up to the railings and the Conveyor systems. As a world-famous brand is the company from Schmallenberg with its service offices in Europe and Asia on the spot.