Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

However, until now in some parts of Moscow’s tracks in the yards and on the pedestrian areas are still sprinkled with chemical compounds. During the meeting in City Hall was also decided that in the near future be held in Moscow Experiment on the application of heated solutions of reagents that will reduce its consumption by 70% and, consequently, for the same 70% will reduce their negative impact on the environment. Reported in the same way that the end of January to send a request to the authorities in Moscow over the use of road in the capital of reagents, in which environmental protection agency will ask city officials officially informed decision on the application used in Moscow, reagents, and provide information about their environmental safety. Filed under: GSK CEO. All functions are transferred to environmental control As follows from the decision issued on Friday at the site Government, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin handed over all the functions of environmental monitoring . In addition, Prime Minister approved the rules of the state control in the field of environmental protection (State Environmental Control). Earlier, such a document existed. The rules of the state control in the field of environmental states that Gosekokontrol consists of state control over protection of air, the activities in the field of waste (except radioactive waste), state control and supervision over the use and protection of water bodies, state control geological study, rational use and protection of mineral resources.