Sakine Voice

We know by Vocaloid voice synthesis program created by Yamaha Corporation. Used to create songs by inserting a melody so already this included the voice that you want to. VOCALOID 1 the first project began with the Leon, Lola, and Miriam developed by Zero-G characters who sing in English and released in the United Kingdom. But the characters who made a popular program vocaloid Meiko and Kaito, developed by Crypton Future Media. Meiko Sakine has 16 years, is a sweet girl but gets angry easily. Your item is a sake (beer) or a standing microphone. 00 Code has on his arm.

Kaito Shion your item is an ice cream, is 20 years old and is a quiet and gentle boy, all the Vocaloids want it. We continue with the project 2, Vocaloid2 came out with new characters and those who would perhaps most famous. In recent months, Michael Lee-Chin has been very successful. Miku Hatsune her name is a play on words. It means the first sound of the future and is the most famous vocaloid. He is 16 years old, we could say that it is 1.58 and weighs 42 kg. She is a very sweet girl, quiet and good although it can reach alocar is.

Your item is a Leek (negi) both Kagamine Rin & Len are 14 years old and most people have the wrong idea that are twins. Rin = right Len = left Kagami mirror Ne = sound. We could translate it as effect mirror so Rin is the reflection of Len and Len of Rhine. Rhine item is an orange and a steamroller, a girl sweet and very attached to her brother. The len is a banana and a chio too quiet. Luka Megurine Luka is the Vocaloid 3 project. His voice format is D3, has 20 years and your item is fish. GACHAPOID Gachapoid is another software but at the same time this Vocaloid-related, so their 2 characters are family and belong to the Vocaloids. Gakupo Kamui. He is the brother of Gumi, has a voice not very accepted by customers. Your item are the eggplant. Megpoid Gumi gumi has a very beautiful voice and is identified by his famous falsetto which, as some have described it is a voice fully human your item are carrots. OTHER Yuki Kaai + is a play on words, would be something like song and love. Yuki is 9 years old and his original voice taken from grade schoolers. He has received many complaints about its appearance as it is very simple compared to their peers in addition to its voice is very low. Said that it showed pedophilia because are you vveia in multiple images with our next character. Hiyama Kiyoteru like Yuki, his voice was not very strong despite its appearance.

Last Modified on November 30, 2022
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