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The final decision on the agreement of all parents of students or a majority, but subject to a determination supplementary funding for students from poor families. Designers involved in the development of school styles encountered with the view that school uniforms – it's inconvenient and uncomfortable. But experts say that there is only an inconvenience at first, eventually, there comes a sense of style, for business suits as an adult to wear regularly. In addition, to eliminate the feeling of discomfort, designer uniforms develop very beautiful and comfortable in cut school clothing: pleated skirts, jackets, tunics, blouses with lace cuffs and collar fashion, knitted vests, vests for buttons and zippers, comfortable pants / "ideal" landing. In some schools there is a so-called free time. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steven Holl.

Usually it's Friday or Saturday (depending on length of school week), when the workload minimum and children are relaxed before the coming weekend. On such days are allowed to attend classes in any clothing. It gives students a sense of freedom and a certain not very harmful to the established routine of school life. In many countries, students and elite schools have a uniform shape. In our country most of the students is only slightly restricted in choice of clothing. Often, teachers simply insist on a business-style clothing and classic combination of 'white top, dark bottom. " So, firstly, a unified and unequivocal opinion does not (and rightly so, everyone in his position may be correct), and secondly, there is always a choice and if a parent is fundamentally his child to a school uniform or not, he can choose a school where the leadership supports his aesthetic preferences, and thirdly, on the issue at their school you can and should influence.

Last Modified on June 15, 2019
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