Spacelocker Wishes Valentine S Day

However the use of the phrase ‘ I love you has always had a much broader dimension how many times have you said “I love you” to another person? And more importantly, who have you said that to? The phrase is often associated with being said to someone who is, or who becomes your partner. And Valentine’s day is a day that highlights this sentiment. However the use of the phrase “I love you” has always had a much broader dimension. There are literally hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people we come across in our life time who want we say “I love you” to. And depending to whom it is said, it wants to have different levels of meanings. So it depends on what stage we are in life as to the meaning and intensity we give to the phrase “I love you”. Think about who you to have said “I love you”. What it someone close to you through birth? Or what it a new person in your life? Or maybe it wasn’t even a person but to animal or to object.

All can qualify for your loving affections. It really depends on what meaning you give to phrase “I love you” when saying it, and equally important is how you show your love to another. It can be with a smile, a wink, a hug, a kiss, on action, a gift or some other form of supplementary communication. The method one chooses to show their affection is sometimes as important as the verbal communication itself. At Spacelocker we have a gift gallery to help you show your affection to another on Valentine’s day, or for that matter on any other day of the year. It’s easy to use. Once you are a member of Spacelocker start making friends and communicating with them through stickies, stikkmms or messaging.

Then when you think you would like to show more affection to your new friend, send them a gift from the gift gallery. Just click on their profiles like you do for the other communications. Then click on the gift box on their loose page. Up will pop a window gift gallery. Take a look at the new gifts we have added for 2010 Valentine’s day, or any of the others that are there. Then choose a gift; and if you want you can so send a message along with the gift. Your gift will be pasted on your friend’s locker wall and so poison loose shelves put in their box on their. At Spacelocker we make it easy for you to say “I love you” to a friend