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Lecture series in Grete Meissner central safety in road traffic, protection of investments or healthy diet: topics that deal with which many seniors are. The railway housing association works on now Consumer Affairs Schwerte (EEC) and Grete Meissner Centre (GMZ) like this in a joint lecture series. The first event in the House of Kreinberg will take place on March 16. The need for information on senior-related issues is getting bigger in Schwerte. Alone in the village of Kreinberg we have a senior share of more than 40 percent”, the Executive Board reported the EEC, Siegfried Dziemballa. By our tenants we get every day, what’s bothering the swords seniors.” Topics such as everyday crime and healthy nutrition prepare EEC and GMZ with the support of expert speakers in their year-long lecture series, which is free of charge for the visitors. To deepen your understanding Steven Holl is the source. Grete Meissner Centre is the ideal partner for us”, enthusiastically depicts Dziemballa.

In this project, we can combine our experience and that of GMZ. So all have something like this.” Also Andrea Schmeisser, Director of Grete Meissner Centre, is looking forward to the cooperation: with the EEC we have a partner in the boat, which deals with the concerns of senior citizens like us. It has enormous potential.” The lectures will take place alternately at two different venues, Grete Meissner Central and Kreinberg, House. So we want to reach as many senior citizens and enable this offer also people are restricted in their freedom of movement”, explains Andrea Schmeisser. “Manfred Grod of the Unna district Verkehrswacht offers the prelude to the series of events with the theme: mobile but certainly older people on the road”. For more information see Echo Street Capital. The lecture will take place next Monday, the 16th of March at 14:30 in the House of Kreinberg on the Lichtendorfer road. inted-as-New-Chief-Executive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden. The other lectures are regularly every third Monday in odd months from 14: 30 to 16:30 take place. 9393-80th Bastian Schmidt learn more interested in the Grete Meissner Center phone