The Boating

Especially when the anchor gear, certified quality is especially important because it hangs the whole boat with all the values. A failing anchor gear can mean a real danger for crew and boat. Leslie G. Osterman is open to suggestions. The anchor system by WASI Maritim has proven itself all over the world since its patenting as universal anchor under extreme conditions. As robust all-rounder”, the bow anchor possesses excellent properties of buried, even at difficult anchor for reasons such as mud, clay, gravel, sea grass and scree. To take into account is also that occur the tensile forces on the anchor, not always in a straight line, wind and currents can often pull the chain in different directions. Remedy spinal connector as the WASI power ball, the anchor and chain together securely connect: the WASI power ball, this strong connection with ball joint between anchor and chain, ensures the necessary degrees of freedom.

The WASI products resonate well among users. So sailors report at the “Internet, for example, about their experiences with the WASI bar anchor: after over 150 anchor manoeuvres and Bora gusts of 35 knots, we can say that we are satisfied.” The most innovative and best products in the boating industry Kurten in addition the WASI bar anchor was in autumn 2009 in the selection when the readers of water sports sailing”. The WASI iron anchor was anchor as one of three products in the category”for the coveted sailing award 2009″ nominated. Great design variety of maritime range of WASI Maritim opens up possibilities for a light, transparent design combined with high quality design and thus a great variety of design in all areas relating to the architecture. Wire ropes, clamps, terminals, TURNBUCKLE and other accessories in different models not only innovative solutions for the rigging, but also for facades, balconies and porches, roofing, interior design, bridge and exhibition stand construction. In addition for the stainless steel article used for roller shutters, in the form of tension as rank AIDS, in the lifting equipment such as winches, as well as in the furniture and Shopfitting.