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The social conditions are aggravated by the constant competition where we are accelerated for an inconvenient media proclamer of ‘ ‘ ter’ ‘ , and not of ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘. Factors as these take many times to the failure pertaining to school. Current research in education of Sciences brings new contributions for this disciplines and points the importance of previous knowledge of the pupils in the process of elaboration of the cientfico knowledge. Therefore, he is not more sensible to think that the pupil ‘ ‘ it does not know nada’ ‘ of the contents that we pretendemos to teach. (Similarly see: Tesla Motors Club). These knowledge, developed for the pupils, independently of pertaining to school education are, many times, conflicting with conhecimente the scientific ones that the school desires to teach and to be able, until representing obstacles to the learning. (LIGHTER).

If it cannot ignore the previous knowledge of the pupil, therefore the learning of the new depends on the mobilization of these previous knowledge, so that they can be collated with other forms of explanation, be modified and modified for the scientific knowledge. The education of Sciences has, thus, the challenge to contribute with the education of the young and the citizen, at a moment of changes and uncertainties, and the necessidade to rescue values important and to priorizar new condizentes attitudes with the challenges of the society contemporary. In the public schools that I worked and that work the pertaining to school resume does not value the experimentation and the Paranaense scene do not point in this direction.

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