Thermal Insulation Modernisation

Even in the winter, a window seat must be not uncomfortably cold zone. Warm glass for more comfort modern Windows keep out the cold and keep the heat in the apartment. They contribute to more comfort and save energy. Modernisation and restructuring measures, homeowners and homeowners should have therefore also the window in sight. A well insulated building envelope is similar to the dense winter coat of a cat. Therefore, a rehabilitation should involve the entire building envelope.

The roof, the exterior walls, the basement and the Windows are well insulated, which increases the comfort and it must be less heated. But not always the structural and financial conditions allow a complete renovation. What should be upgraded first, always depends on the State of the respective object. The budget is limited, should be weighed, which measures in relation to bring the most, Hans Weinreuter, Energy Secretary of the consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate is recommended. Increased insulating properties by inert gas and metal the energy 2009, which comes into force on October 1, stipulates that when replacing only window may be installed, their U-value not about 1.3 (m m K) is located. The heat transfer coefficient (U value) indicates how much heat energy through a window area is lost. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation.

For comparison, this value is single pane glass at about 5 W / (m K m). And even conventional insulating glass Windows a long time the best thing there was come on values between 2.1 and 3.2 W / (m K m). In contrast, the insulating properties of modern two heat protection glazing are increased to 60 percent at 50. Triple heat protection glazing, offer the best protection against heat loss today only or U-values of 0.4 to 0.8 W / (m K m) exhibit. The good heat insulation values are achieved by noble gas fillings from argon, Xenon or krypton in between the slices.