Throwing Good Money

You own a restaurant, cafe or nightclub. You invest money in advertising their institutions. Are you sure that advertising works? He gives to you customers or part of the advertising budget is spent in the blank? For example: You pay for advertising on radio, in newspapers and magazines, the Internet, as well as references. Plus you have the signs and outdoor advertising. I'll bet that 50% of advertising does not work. And perhaps the best part.

Typically, an advertiser advertise this way: it selects advertising media in its sole discretion based on the advertising budget. According to the principle: it seems to me that if I will place the advertising in this magazine, then for me to come visit. And probably the cost of advertising pay off and bring profit. At dmitry balyasny you will find additional information. After that advertising is placed in this magazine, newspaper, radio, etc. After a while dialing a package of several types of advertising. And further, "the tradition" is placing in them constantly. If to analyze and find out what kind of advertising, people come into your cafe, restaurant or club, you will find that the guest brings one or two types of advertising and other advertising spending just go into the void. There is only one way to understand what advertising brings customers – it polls users.

As an illustration, I want to tell the story of our experience. Let us for simplicity call establishment "Restaurant". The talks about advertising on our pages of the Journal of The Places said (now I reproduce from memory the approximate course of the dialogue) Restaurant: I already advertise in two magazines and three websites.