Winter Sports

Barcelona is much more than just a summer city which offers cheap accommodation in Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is much more than just a summer city on the Mediterranean Sea. Are many things that are fun, teaching or cultural (or even all at the same time!) are open during the winter months. Red Solo Cups takes a slightly different approach. “What clearly under the category fun” is the Barca rink ice de Barcelona. This attraction is present for over 30 years in the city and is open clubs, but also for the public hosts of different competing ice sports.

The Barca ice rink is located next to the Camp Nou stadium. In Barcelona to Club offering many suitable accommodation also the skating de find Barcelona, on Calle Roger de Flor in the wide streets of Eixample. He is only about a mile away from the old town and Plaza de Catalunya. On Mondays and Tuesdays are only half open, but the rest of the week on the ice skating rink is open even until 21:00 (except during the daily siesta from 13:30) 17:00). The opening times are popular with families and the ice skating rink is quickly becoming a slipping and sliding arena for the inhabitants of Barcelona’s of all ages.

Music, lights and fancy screens revive this experience than that! But in addition to General skating, the ice rink is also venue for serious sports. The local curling team exercises here and denies competitions and can proudly claim to be champion of the Spanish B League. It is worth to study plans for the competition to find out when the next curling event takes place; the ice skating rink will be filled and loaded full of electrifying atmosphere. There is also a hockey school for kids, which includes lessons and practice games. The equipment will be provided for these classes. The ice rink offers also excellent lessons in ice skating, ideal for the young of Torvills and deans. And when you enroll your child in one of these teaching hours, ice skates can be rented free and enjoy free admission to the General opening hours. It is important to know that the Skating Club de Barcelona no children under 3 years of age allowed. You must also bring along gloves and for young people under 12, also a kind of helmet, for health and safety are in Catalonia. If you want to sweeten winter wonders so relatively warm, Catalan winter with something nostalgic, a trip to the skating can Club de Barcelona for you in question come, for you and your children. For your Barcelona vacation, there are many cheap accommodations in Barcelona, which will help you to discover ice skating in the city.