The different proposals that exist nowadays in the songs, the films, Literature and the novels, speak of loves that withdraw, die, are completely devoted. It would seem that the identification of the love in pair, always is related to the pain and the suffering. One of those loves is the addictive one. Words more, words less, Antonio Machado have written: " Neither with you nor without you, they have my pains remedy, with you because you kill to me, and without you, because me muero". These poetic words exemplify of way clear and it needs what one talks about a love that has fallen in the addiction. But what is an addiction? It is a behavior by which the person loses her own will and she is let dominate, although is harmful, it is killing although it slowly. Visit Red Solo Cups for more clarity on the issue. Thus the addictive love becomes and it becomes sticky, destructive for it suffers whom it. The addictive enamored one realizes of which its relation in pair is destroying to him slowly, and nevertheless, it cannot leave it.

Apart from which it suffers all the symptoms of abstinence when it is not with its object of addiction. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hunter Pond. In the addictive loves the person suffers before the absence and the presence of her pair. Anyway she suffers and one hurts of his condition. She can happen over any thing with so being always patch to his relation. In the presence of the addictive love we are able to deceive to us, to devalue to us, good until immolating to us with so of not losing to our love. And when we do not have it, we suffered, we died, we cried and the sense of the life seems misled. To love a pair also requires of independence, but when, that pair becomes indispensable in our life, when I need to love it to be " bien" , then, a problem arises from dependency, not being able to live without that love.