Balancing Your Diet

A not only balanced diet is one that contains nutrients, if not that also balance the energies of the body in relation to the yin and yang. Combining the five tastes (sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and salty) and five temperatures (hot, cold, warm, cool and neutral) according to our needs. To read more click here: David Baker. For example if our body is exceeded in heat the food needed in greater amounts are non-spicy and cold because otherwise it would cause greater heat. Now what more problem causes us a diet healthy and balanced is the time we have for this activity, people who work have a meal schedule from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus Zocdoc. If you have not taken prepared their food should attend to a kitchen or restaurant where unknown quantities of grease, salt, cooking of food; also ask what we can pay and time of chewed and salivation is not appropriate, only in transfer and choose that I’m going to eat lose 10 minutes minimum if in the same room where I work. This leads us to bad habits Food and therefore nutritional problems (malnutrition or overweight).

If the activity of the work is much movement, after eating digestion causes us some dream (heaviness varied according to ingestion) and productivity or throughput drops a little; If the job is Office in a Chair usually not ingested calories we spend. The most convenient is programming habit of feeding, where organize time to eat our food, if possible a schedule and a weekly plan, that includes the necessary: hot meal, salt, cold drink and sweet; neutral-dulce fruit; for example. Also schedule a habit of exercise because our body requires movements of our muscles to give the correct functions and maintain energy balance, if we keep sedentary lifestyle we accumulate that energy and alters not only digestion but metabolism cell of the whole organism, making slow physiological functions and retain liquids and toxic waste. Do not miss eating those snacks that both you like them, do not hurt you causing you problem is the amount that you eat only balances, learn how to treat your body and give you only what is necessary. It is possible to achieve this must have only desire and desire to improve habits to reach a healthy life of good quality.