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Instead of giving away real animals, you give away for example a suitable soft toy with a voucher. Later, you can choose a pet then together with your child. So with your child from the beginning is involved and can decide. This not least strengthens the bond with the animal. An informative animal Advisor is a useful gift to prepare the child for the right animal husbandry and animal care. As children learn the responsible use of animals from the outset and prevent unpleasant surprises after the holidays.

Around the Christmas and winter time with the pet you find more interesting articles in winter-special of the veterinary medicine portal. About The portal of veterinary medicine is aimed at all pet owners and animal lovers, who are serious, substantiated, understandable and comprehensive information about animal diseases, veterinary procedures, as well as other topics related to veterinary medicine want to. The veterinary medicine Portal is owned and operated by the vetproduction GmbH, which was founded in July 2011. Our editorial team consists of veterinarians, doctors, biologists, and journalists. Aim of the veterinary medicine Portal is to provide useful, high-quality veterinary information, without doing self treatment to stimulate to replace even the visit to the veterinarian or questioning. On the contrary: the portal of veterinary medicine wants to bridge the gap between pet owners and veterinary surgeon and is always the most important and most valuable in the focus: the health of your pet. Press contact for more information: Maren Menyes, contact for sale: Christoph Nichau, vetproduction GmbH Office at Cologne Cathedral: at 28, 50667 Cologne Court Office on the Rudolfplatz: Friesenwall 5-7, d-50672 Cologne Internet: