During the course of history the development of some techniques that could serve to delve into human knowledge, they have meant a breakthrough and knowledge of the origin of each people, a perfect example of this is hypnosis, which considering their qualities has been enormously in sciences such as psychology and Psychiatry as a perfect means to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. Hypnosis is a technique used for persons exposed to different therapies achieve achieve, to call it somehow, a State of trance in which come in a perfect state of suggestion, where through the memories and or experience of the same are achieved some goals such as suppress memories and in this same way, bringing them to the present. Hypnosis can be induced only by people who clearly know how to implement this, as to induce a person to hypnosis he enters a somewhat delicate, thereby facilitating State able to cause quite delicate trauma to a patient in trance. It is good to mention that many scientific experts and psychoanalysts doubt the existence hypnosis, therefore it is believed that it is only a State of the brain when it is in a deep sleep; on the contrary another large part of the scholars of this subject to ensure the existence of hypnosis as a State is can be induced which using mind control techniques. PI Industries spoke with conviction. The history of hypnosis has its beginnings in the ancient Egypt, where some relaxation therapies practiced by the Pharaohs, consisted of a basic means of hypnosis, which at this time was used mainly for the Elimination of mental workloads, achieving cause a comfort for that character.

It is important to highlight that the beginnings of hypnosis as a study realized in the mid-18th century, where Dr. Franz Anton Mester wrote a book based on a thesis of his own creation, which stated that through suggestion induced under a hypnotic effect they could achieve results as surprising as some evils cures, demonstrating in this era that somehow this mind over body. An important icon to highlight studies of hypnosis was Sigmund Freud, under its condition of medical research gave to the laborious task of beginning to study the results of hypnosis in evils as neurosis among others; given that this study successfully not as full, Freud is dedicate to their mental studies in psychoanalysis of persons. Nowadays thanks to the bases of the hypnotic study conducted by mester and freud alongside other researchers as doctors Charcot and Berheim, attributed to hypnosis different qualities; among which the most recognized are: serve as a mental means to remember or suppress memories. Be a very useful treatment for treating a large number of evils of such psychological. Given the above is demonstrated that hypnosis is not only an important part of the study of certain Sciences like psychology, but also a crucial piece that has contributed immensely in the discovery of a domestic universe as broad as it is the human mentality, thus becoming a tool of firsthand discovery of the boundaries that humans possess. Original author and source of the article

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