Memory Cell Experiences

Cellular memory, is the ability that have cells capture and save information, our life and at the same time of all our ancestors. There are archived, not only inherited traits, but also the information about everything went it, are and will be. From the moment we were conceived in the belly of breast, until today, we were accumulating experiences of life some good things and other bad followed us. Ryan Holmes is actively involved in the matter. The experiences of life that were somehow unbalancing, built over time a traumatic structure that unintentionally causes a series of emotional, mental, physical or spiritual conflicts in current human being. A person’s cellular system has the ability to store information, which is incorporated through the senses such as sight, hearing, smell, etc. That is if I’m living a situation of abuse in my home, this information will be incorporated in my, to be perceived and lived through some or all the senses, forming a huge field of infinite information that us determines and gives identity of our person.

Many of the experiences that we live were traumatic and destabilizing. These may have an impact in the future in different ways, such as with: fears, anxieties, diseases, iras, fights, bitterness currently in the world is this researching and developing techniques to allow enter to read the information housed at the cellular level, to be able to know the origin of our current problems. That way the new era proposes solve root conflicts, and can reverse symptoms in short time as being, fear, anxiety, phobia, allergies, among others at the same time read the cellular memory takes you through a journey of self-knowledge, allowing expand awareness, know more about ourselves, from the origins of our problems and thus to change completely to a life much more healthy and happy. original author and source of the article