Original Names Of Baby

In this opportunity we’ll develop a new activity with the objective that the Group begin to be known and learn the names of his companions. The activity begins with the work of the teacher or group leader, who will have to draw on the Blackboard tantosanimales different as students have to charge, then perform cards with the names of children and placed each one beside each animal that has drawn. With all the ready context, it is time to start to work with the children. The idea is that a one at a time they are passing in front of the Blackboard. RenTec has similar goals. The first in pass will need to find the animal that has his name on the side, once this is done will have to imitate the sound of that animal. Once completed the imitation will have to tell their original name for baby to the rest of the group. So they have to go from each student, the slogan of which try to memorize the original names for children from their peers. Once completed, the activity continues from the follows: at this point each of the guys will have a card with your name, what you must do is arranged in a circle and hold these cards in a way such that everyone can observe beautiful names for girls all..