Richter Crane

However she can not solve the problem of synchronization: in other words, the tandem ride, it may happen that both cranes at the same speed be driven, but are just but a little differently. Must it necessarily be avoided, a separate control electronics so here is to use, which exactly synchronous driving cranes in their movements. Radio remote control are superior in the delivery or multiple station operation compared with the control bottle: these two remotes control the crane mutually. This can be important, for example, in the finished production of concrete components: there must proceed regularly large distances. The operator must always run with a bottle of control. Radio remote control allows, however, that the loader of the recording the load and driving controls, the discharger then takes over and controls the precise position of the tailings. A so-called lock-in and lock-out function, this ensures that only an operator can actually control the crane.

Some manufacturers with more than two remote control allow even more transmitter operation. To do this, they developed more transmission management, which enables a safe crane manipulation by multiple crane driver. Today’s radio remote control are mature and safe, and by their numerous additional functions of the control bottle often far superior. They are carried out on the man in a convenient holder, and their batteries have a sufficient time. Its size depends of the facilities, and that affects also the weight of the transmission part: it can be up to about two kilograms. Controls such as button, lever or joystick are protected attached and can be pushed in General even when wearing gloves. Before purchasing one should consider himself very good, perform which functions with the remote control to: because she must comply with the current requirements of the own crane should but a later enhancement does not exclude: because if the company grows, often also the technical equipment requirements grow.