Shamanic Training

Shaman, shamanism training & healing: Immerse all on the subject of shamanism in the world of shamanism – to allow training and shamanic healing are different ways to the shaman, vary greatly between the different providers of training seminars. Typically requires approximately two years to complete the training in its entirety. While various components belong to the shamanic training. It is quite beneficial to have prior knowledge of meditation and yoga, but even without these, the shamanic training to cope with is. Remember always, that it is not in shamanism to a simple technique, which easily can be applied when needed, since there is no patent recipes or ready-made solutions. Most basic techniques such as dipping into the not everyday world are taught at the beginning of a training seminar.

The program processes vary from vendor to vendor but of course. In the following seminars, which are held mostly on weekends, then learn techniques such as the drum and rattle construction. In a shamanic vision weekend, for example, it is the goal to find his inner Center and to enter to win new powers with his own soul in contact. The training for the part but also in a distance learning is offered in addition to the weekend. This is so useful, because here everyone can find his own pace and is not forced to take over the pace for the group.