The Poison Of The Spitting Cobras

The spitting Cobra – absolutely without fail and deadly. Like Cobras are reproduced and as decoration in the apartment or worn as fancy pendants around her neck. Why actually? Their absolute lethality is probably the reason. Actually, spitting Cobras are not aggressive. They flee immediately when they imagine themselves in danger. They go over but to attack when they feel backed into a corner.

First, they only warn their opponents by they stand with renewed neck plate, causing them to greater effect, and loud hissing. If but a Buffalo or a GNU takes no notice of her threatening gestures and they fear have trampled, it start after a few seconds to aim, by circling and swaying movements with the head, to have a larger radius of the meeting. Spew deliberately in the face and the chance that the eyes are hit, rises the spitting attack lasts approximately one-twentieth of a second and cannot be seen with the human eye. You spray the corrosive poison cocktail with high Speed, several meters far, through a channel in their fangs. They do this with an accuracy of almost 100 percent. The enemies are beaten in the flight. The poison of the spitting Cobras is neurotoxic, both from tissue damaging substances. The skin immediately begins to burn extremely and if the eye is not rinsed out with water, followed by the blindness.

When hunting, the poison, the prey, is injected through a bite. They hunt small rodents, birds, other snakes, and similar small animals, like other venomous snakes also. The Cobra bites instantly with their fangs, the prey will be surprised. The respiratory center is first paralyzed by the strong neurotoxin, and at the end, it leads to cardiac arrest. By the way, already while the spitting Cobras of the eggs hatch, they can spit their venom. SID Kroker