The Study

The social conditions are aggravated by the constant competition where we are accelerated for an inconvenient media proclamer of ‘ ‘ ter’ ‘ , and not of ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘. Factors as these take many times to the failure pertaining to school. Current research in education of Sciences brings new contributions for this disciplines […]

Elements Atomic Periodic

Many times when we are studying the periodic chemical properties in the periodic table of the chemical elements in them we come across with some exceptions to the rules of regularity of some elements of transistion. This work has as objective to explain of form sucinta these exceptions. One of them says respect to the […]

United States

Pablo says in them in another letter, that the Writing locked up everything of the sin underneath. This means to say that the sin of Gnesis 3:6 divided the Writing in two parts: first, the previous one to the sin, if it relates to everything what it occurred until it; second, subsequent to the sin, […]


4.2-Familiar the family passed inside for a period of great changes of these last 20 years, but exactly thus, it is of this institution that the pupil will remove its experiences and its personality. The paper of the family is basic in the formation of this young, therefore from the experiences lived in house, many […]

Spain Bullfights

*Vale to remember that, as all the room will be busy with the map to the soil, we will go to carry through the experiment of physics in the tracks of bullfights in aera external. Arts: In arts we will detach the cultures and artistic movements of each city of Spain. As example the rupestres […]