4.2-Familiar the family passed inside for a period of great changes of these last 20 years, but exactly thus, it is of this institution that the pupil will remove its experiences and its personality. The paper of the family is basic in the formation of this young, therefore from the experiences lived in house, many […]

The Conquest

Thus, it is necessary to educate the look of our pupils of the EJA, being provided to them interesting activities of readings so that they can understand the form that the art if presents to its eyes and, at the same time, to think critically on the images that them are offered. Through the education […]

Spain Bullfights

*Vale to remember that, as all the room will be busy with the map to the soil, we will go to carry through the experiment of physics in the tracks of bullfights in aera external. Arts: In arts we will detach the cultures and artistic movements of each city of Spain. As example the rupestres […]