If your visits statistics begin to show a downward trend and your bounce traffic is growing, it is obvious that something negative is going on with your site. It is not easy to determine the exact causes of a decline in the preference of our users, but we have to consider all the possibilities. Decline […]

Teach Your Children Well

Or they are learning to simply follow instructions? Today’s world need responsible leaders who have a genuine vocation for service. However, a true education for leadership is not easy to find. Traditional education systems do not prepare our children for leadership. Rather teaches them to fulfill orders and to be good followers. Then, how to […]

Sense Pension

And so, we follow the established rules and regulations of life, established the watchful community officials (well, that we considered for the state) decides to fully trust and follow the path specified. What happens in the end? First school, then institute, then failure to find a job because there is no length of service and […]


Tourists who spend a few days in Madrid have to take advantage of travel, especially if they come from afar, to know precious nearby cities like Toledo or Segovia. A perfect plan to enjoy a good meal and savor the best Castilian-Leonese cuisine is going to eat at the restaurant El Rancho de Aldeguela in […]

Tax Advisor Pays

Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg informed the time, in order to deal with the complex taxation, missing the most. And even if it exists, the necessary know-how to make an efficient tax structuring, few have. Only a tax advisor has the necessary expertise, can advise individually and achieve optimal success. The Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski from […]

Assistant Professor

Handle and live with the heart in the head you can dare today to fulfill a dream? You can, as evidenced by the young father and author Patrick Bernatzky, thanks to its motto handle and live with the heart in the head!”his head used has to explore the wisdom of his heart and to write […]

Fortune On Order

Anyone not at least secretly believes that certain symbols or objects can bring good luck? Anyone not at least secretly believes that certain symbols or objects can bring good luck? Four-leaf clover, Horseshoe or the handshake, a chimney sweep maintain faith in luck and fate of ask people for centuries. Who carries his personal charm […]

Financial Security

The fundamentals on which we have built are tested in times of crisis. A solid foundation should withstand the storms that blow during unstable economic times. Unfortunately, the last economic crisis left exposed huge flaws in handling money, and many people were surprised by its catastrophic effects. They had to watch helplessly as their jobs, […]

New Commercial Convention

AXA carries out a new commercial convention A group composed by more than 600 employees of all the departments of insuring AXA attended the Commercial Convention that this year had like wire the value of the efficiency and the growth like challenge. The people in charge of the different channels, Rafael Ray (agents), Jorge Paricio […]

Are German Companies Finally SEPA-fit?

New survey examines the payments and would like the SEPA implementation in Germany with a renewed survey to ibi research at the University of Regensburg mountain, the Bank-Verlag and InterCard together with van den for the second time that identify current trends and requirements in the payment transactions. As already in the first survey late […]