The Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series – 670 PS For Rent

Europe only: the Super floor rented luxury car rental company from Berlin! Berlin, 29.Juli 2009 the basics of automotive madness has a name: Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG black series. Sports car enthusiasts rub since eh and hands him, now there is the cars Finally, if time-limited, exclusive for rent. makes it possible: the luxury […]

Oil Change

Old, used motor oil begins to grind and thus damages the motor. A regular oil change is therefore recommended. How does the Exchange work? First, the best yet warm and therefore liquid oil must be drained completely. The oil drain plug located at the bottom of the motor, needs to be opened. Then, the oil […]

The Volkner Mobile 830 HG Adventure Line Scares Even Heavy Terrain Not

Indestructible tour elephant campervans are good-natured contemporaries. Sedately, drag them across the country and are designed from the inside and outside on comfort. But even in mobile homes, there are bad guys. The Volkner Mobil 830 HG adventure line like it like something deftiger. Instead of peaceful country roads it enters a rather muddy off […]

Wiebke Becker Bussard

When it comes to car buying, so this is a much broader range than many a layman thinks. Several factors must be considered when selling a car to a company? Although the principle is correct, that a seller leaves his vehicle a car purchaser for an agreed amount of purchase the purchase of the car, […]