Author Alexander Nastasi

New book arose from the think tank in Heidelberg Heidelberg In 2007 the idea of the frightening messages that arrive every day on us, to create a counterpoint, was born the idea of the day lyrics by Alexander Nastasi. Since then, born 1970 in Heidelberg, married writer every day is a beautiful thought on the […]

A New Paradigm

To understand the action of the world after-modern in the arts demands a long work of study on the conditions of the same. According to Rouanet (1987, P. 6-7) ' ' … living in a world threatened for the atomic destruction, the resurrection of the old fanatismos religious politicians and for the degradation of ecosystems, […]

Review To The Book

Who doesn’t like to read review by Alexander Knorr, author of articles and books about pre Astronautics a good story? Anyone who takes a book in the hand, looking for a little rest and relaxation in this. Want to be entertained but still good. If you can learn something even from the fabric of the […]