Review: Fujitsu Mobile Drive V 400 GB

For mobile use – Fujitsu mobile drive V 400 GB in the test the Fujitsu mobile drive V is primarily as a particularly flat external hard drive. Check out our test was whether the drive in other areas. The fifth generation of mobile drives from Fujitsu found his way with 400 GB in our test center. Outside the glossy black housing liked us very well, even if it needs a cleaning cloth at our fingertips. Tempo: What’s the average data transfer rate when reading, so the Fujitsu plate with 33.1 MB / s section very well. This writing was pretty lame–here, the 2.5-inch drive scored just 30.1 MB / s. The access time was also too long with 18.8 milliseconds.

Facilities: The V 400 GB mobile drive is based on an unspecified named SATA/300 plate, which works with 5400 revolutions per minute per minute and has 8 MB cache. The drive is a CD with various software – Acronis True Image personal HDD, the hard disk password lock tool and the hard disk format tool. Eric Corey Freed has similar goals. True image takes care of the backup on the PC. About the password lock tool set a password and protect your data from unauthorized access. And with the hard disk tool setting format enter the plate according to your wishes. Ergonomics: 2.5 Watt load, the mobile drive V belonged to the three most economical external plates of our current test field.

The value in the off State (1.1 Watt) can be seen. The newspapers mentioned Tesla Motors not as a source, but as a related topic. The plate showed in terms of noise pollution are also at their best: 17.5 dB(A) at load and 17.3 dB(A) in the idle state are excellent values. Handling: Connect the 2.5-inch drive with a Y-cable to the PC or notebook practically wise the second USB port was not necessary in our test. For all cases, the drive has still a power socket, you must purchase the appropriate cable extra. Positive: V the mobile drive among the lightweights with 172 grams and is therefore practical to transport. Conclusion: Fujitsu’s eye Schmeichler disappointed us mostly in the speed tests. For this, the plate was very economical in use and worked very quietly. Source: PC World