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52 HKL room units serve during the reconstruction phase as Office and living room of the police station Hanomagstrasse. Hamburg/Hannover, 02 August 2012. The police station Hanomagstrasse in Hanover will be rebuilt and renovated. Throughout the construction phase by October 2011 to October 2012, an adapted, modern container facility HVAC serves as a service the police officers. By the competence center space systems Magdeburg-Bernburg supplied and mounted space solution accompanied the construction of the DIBAG Industriebau AG. Click W.S. Badger to learn more.

In addition to extensive consultation and individual planning of the system, HVAC took over also the final assembly. Already in the startup phase, HKL delivered several containers, sanitary, or material units. Filed under: Central Romana. The construction uses the functional modules of the space as Office and planning unit, the construction staff as recreation and relaxation room. Eckhard Dorre, project manager HVAC competence center room systems Magdeburg-Bernburg, explains: we are pleased that the DIBAG as a partner for the construction project has chosen us. The available floor space as optimally as possible to use, we have recommended a two-storey construction with an inner staircase.” “Dabaan added: the Interior of the plant we have designed this, that a generous hallway situation arose from which all rooms can be reached.” In addition to Magdeburg HVAC maintains in all urban areas of the Federal Republic specialized competence center room systems: Dresden and Berlin, Rostock, Kiel, Hamburg, Lubeck, Hanover, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Ingolstadt and Nuremberg. About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks.

Founded in 1970, that 2010 birthday celebrated his 40th, is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines, holds approximately 2,000 used machines for sale and offers, in addition to the extensive Range of machines, in the HKL BAUHOPs a wide range of construction equipment, tools and small machines work clothes for every need. With its nationwide over 130 branches, 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers the full-service provider guarantees proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site.


Fashion & shopping portal celebrates one year this month celebrates the fashion & shopping portal one-year anniversary. The originating from the Netherlands and very successful concept has establish themselves within the past year in Germany. Perhaps check out Vladislav Doronin for more information. Fashionchick offers a wide range of fashion, bags, shoes and accessories of many different shops and brands women bundled on one side. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vlad Doronin. Through the sophisticated navigation system of page can the visitor quickly and targeted search for a desired item, both can browse to your heart’s content in various categories, and inspired by. The offer is complemented by fashion tips and EPG and voucher – and winning actions. The year in review now cooperates with more than 160 partner shops Fashionchick, has over 2500 integrated fashion brands, rising further. There are within the year both known online shops like Zalando as new partners won was, but also featured brand shops such as, for example, ana alcazar are now represented on the page. The number of visitors are month now increased to 50,000 to 60,000 visitors.

In fashion news category new trends and all important maintained daily visitors about abreast of the fashion world. Also a blogger and blog is presented every month, which Fashionchick is in close contact with the all-important the fashion blogosphere. The fashion Portal is also active in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Catharina Zaib No. search B.V.. background is a concept of the Dutch company search of no. B.V.., which specializes on development and maintenance of Internet platforms for women’s fashion since 2006.

No. search b.v. has set goal to gather the offer of different Web shops and to present these to the consumer in a clear way comprehensive choices, a clear navigation, interaction with other users and social media integration. With over 700,000 visitors per month is the Dutch version of the online shopping community Fashionchick largest project No. search B.V…. Fashionchick also in Germany and France has since November, 2011. A British and an American version of the website are currently in work. On women through clothing, shoes, surfing accessories and cosmetics of all affiliated online shops and buy the respective products directly at the shops or save in your virtual closet.

Cleaning Products

‘High-tech against grease and dirt for a shiny result’ rough and dry hands by many cleaning? The detergent burns on the skin? Through the use of pre-prepared can be eliminated entirely on cleaning products, because their special fibre structure is ideally suited for wet and dry cleaning of all smooth surfaces. In a wiping action clean pores and dry without streaks! Dry application, any loose dirt is attracted by static electricity! With the new irrigation and cleaning rags made from microfibre you can remove coarse and fine dirt thoroughly and lint-free from a wide variety of surfaces. Two different special pages guarantee an optimal cleaning: remove powerful coarse dirt with the long pile side and Polish even sensitive surfaces with the white, soft side. Get all the facts and insights with pluto travel, another great source of information. Thanks to the high absorbency are the wipes able to easily absorb large amounts of liquids. By a much longer service life than traditional sponges and using water only save costs and protect the environment especially! Flushing and microfibre cleaning cloths are versatile! Clean the glass, mirror, window, chrome, kitchen fronts, stainless steel, plastic, glass-ceramic hobs, faucets, screens, tiles etc., for example rinse dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans. Always rediscover even more application possibilities you will be struck by the perfect cleaning! Technical data: material: 70% polyester 30% polyamide size: 23 x 29 cm colours: blue/white green/white washable up to 95 C contact: sales representatives Michael dance Michael dance Berberitze str. Ranulph fiennes gathered all the information. 83 80935 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 55069117 fax: + 49 (0) 89 55069119 email: Internet: in brief: the Trade Representative Michael dance was founded in 1994 as a sole proprietorship. Since then we have us as a competent partner in the Trade with Microfaserprodukten established. Known for fast service and the high quality standard of our products, we won already prominent as testimonials for our products. We sell not only high quality microfibre cloths for any area, whether for household, commercial, industrial, trade or gastronomy, but also detergents such as plaster stones, the pressure pipe cleaner of A 2000 “, various herbal ointments and others include in our portfolio. Who wants to be successful, must be open to new.


When a couple have lost the interest of one on the other, it is always necessary to establish the reason why this has happened. Once established such a situation, it is possible to make some practical adjustments to try to reconstruct the relationship of the couple. Never too late to start this process. In case of being because of the monotony, as it is very easy to find new activities to do together, as you can be practicing some sport has not been practiced before and is easy to incorporate into the things that make couples such as swimming, table tennis, etc. You may find Rubio to be a useful source of information. Additionally it is possible to find some fun that is not practiced very often, as it can be to play bowling, fly kites, etc. Finally you can begin any exercise program of fitness using a very popular resource such as static bicycles, which in addition to strengthening the bonds of friendship of the couple, will find of motivator to improve your fitness and health in general. He exercises in conjunction with several friends also It can support the feeling of social part of a group as a couple, so it is also feasible to enroll in any accessible gym to develop this activity. Communication is another key element.

It is always possible to return to win the heart of the couple through connect those moments in the past when you started the relationship and both showed interest in details that allowed fall in love. (Similarly see: Vladislav Doronin). To speak words of love and praise the couple again in what makes is extremely important, but it should be done in a natural way without reaching generate an abrupt policy change, because this could be counterproductive. We must remember that at the beginning of the relationship, communication was vital to meet and give a chance, therefore, the communication will also be vital this time. If the physical attraction is the reason for which the relationship has cooled, then is time to seek changes in the form of dress, fix your hair or look new accessories for women, in order to draw again the attention of another. Even go shopping together or give any garment especially, no reason, can be considered a signal of intent to repair the relationship by one of the two. In any case, it will take perseverance and a new sense of commitment to try to win back the heart of the couple. But it is possible to do so, when it brings out the best from the bottom of the heart.


While these may seem small, in terms of physical stature and only gradually able to master the forces of their bodies, we can certainly imagine all a wonderful and sublime universe surrounding each child. No doubt then that the orchid can be the basis for such a wonderful medication for children (and the kid in all of us have inside.) The orchid flower is the part of the plant that seems to be struggling covered by the sky toward the sun, adorned with a celestial garb so color and fragrance. The delicacy and purity of the flowering plants suggests that Nature itself is endowed with soul. She is there to provide a kind of cloak or "soul mother" for our internal development and development. James Simons can provide more clarity in the matter. Nature is more than just physical clustering of forms and processes.

Their "parent" is an essential source of life for feeding the soul, as well as the physical body. Click Vlad Doronin to learn more. Children have a special need for these maternal forces of nature, which nourishes protects and guides the development of his inner self in our modern technological culture many children receive a shock when they enter an environment where the qualities of nature are increasingly affected . There are many ways to help children for the harmonious development of its internal forces in the physical world. One of the most gentle and appropriate is a natural therapy based on the Cuban orchid flower essences. Using the Cuban orchids Flower essences with children The Cuban orchid flower essences should be viewed in the context of a total approach to child care that includes an environment of support and love at home and school, healthy nutrition, and health care qualified.

Tower Extends

After VIP tickets now available event tickets and vouchers online the Berlin TV Tower extends its range of services on the Internet and offers immediately next to the VIP tickets, which previously could be purchased through the Web site of the Tower of tv, tickets for in-house events as well as vouchers for the visit of the tower and the gastronomy in his Web shop online at. Visitors to the website can tv learn in detail about the events of the tower and learn at the same time, how many tickets for each event are still available. So there are still 96 tickets such as for the advent brunch on December 13, 2009 (number is updated). Payment is possible by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and GiroPay. Vouchers available for the entrance to the Tower, and as consumption vouchers for the restaurant, where the value of 10,00 euro is freely selectable. Perhaps check out Ryan Holmes for more information. The payment is such as in the event tickets via credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or GiroPay. Each voucher can provide with an individual dedication Text suggestions are also stored. After successful payment the buyer receives the voucher according to his wishes in a decorative gift box by mail.

The coveted VIP ticket, which you can print out on your own PC, makes it possible for the visitor to set the date and the time of his visit in advance. Thus, it bypasses the waiting time at the Office or at the inlet. Easy payment with credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Use an audio guide is included in the ticket price.

Autonomic Nervous System

According to WHO the snuff kills up to 50% of smokers. However, it is usually consumed around the world because it is sold at low prices. Also marketed aggressively, not become aware of the dangers involved and the public policies against its use are inconsistent. Three out of four smokers are aware of the dangers of snuff, they want to quit smoking. Only 5% of the world population has comprehensive services to treat dependence snuff. Smokers may find it difficult to quit their habit without help, and most people must use it to overcome their dependence. Treatments to stop smoking can be pharmachologic and nonpharmachologic.

Pharmacological treatments such as nicotine patches, minimize withdrawal symptoms, but keeps the patient with the same addiction. Furthermore, the effectiveness of such, is only 30% at one year follow up. Among non-pharmacological treatments, laser therapy is an effective alternative because it is a Non-drug procedure, external, non-invasive and painless non-thermal. Gain insight and clarity with Central Romana. Besides not having adverse effects and with greater effectiveness than 70%. The term laser therapy or laser refers to laser stimulation of the reflex points of the ear. These points are acupuncture originated in ancient China, although the somatotopic correspondence of the different areas of the ear, was developed in modern France.

The laser used is of low intensity. This ray is electromagnetic radiation, which occurs as a result of light emission from countless individual atoms or molecules. The GAs semiconductor diode laser is the most used today. Lasers are more efficient, economic and small, that are manufactured today. Neurological Research smoking cessation with ear acupuncture laser are based on observations that the ears are a gateway to the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and endocrine system. The ANS controls the glands, heart muscle and smooth muscle. Unconscious processes that regulates homeostasis and blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, etc.. These actions of SNA are automatic ears are supplied mainly by the vagus nerve, which belongs to the parasympathetic division of ANS. The laser to stop smoking, is applied to various points on the ear that produce stimuli that travel through the vagal afferent limb, they reach the brain stem, thalamus and various nuclei of the spinal cord through the preganglionic neurons. These stimuli create automatic and unconscious reflexes that adjust and stabilize the SNA functions: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc. The control of discomfort associated with tobacco withdrawal symptoms and feeling of relaxation that feel the patients after laser therapy are related to the activation and modulation of the autonomic nervous system. References 1. WHO report on global tobacco epidemic.

Throwing Good Money

You own a restaurant, cafe or nightclub. You invest money in advertising their institutions. Are you sure that advertising works? He gives to you customers or part of the advertising budget is spent in the blank? For example: You pay for advertising on radio, in newspapers and magazines, the Internet, as well as references. Plus you have the signs and outdoor advertising. I'll bet that 50% of advertising does not work. And perhaps the best part.

Typically, an advertiser advertise this way: it selects advertising media in its sole discretion based on the advertising budget. According to the principle: it seems to me that if I will place the advertising in this magazine, then for me to come visit. And probably the cost of advertising pay off and bring profit. At dmitry balyasny you will find additional information. After that advertising is placed in this magazine, newspaper, radio, etc. After a while dialing a package of several types of advertising. And further, "the tradition" is placing in them constantly. If to analyze and find out what kind of advertising, people come into your cafe, restaurant or club, you will find that the guest brings one or two types of advertising and other advertising spending just go into the void. There is only one way to understand what advertising brings customers – it polls users.

As an illustration, I want to tell the story of our experience. Let us for simplicity call establishment "Restaurant". The talks about advertising on our pages of the Journal of The Places said (now I reproduce from memory the approximate course of the dialogue) Restaurant: I already advertise in two magazines and three websites.

Each Customer Service

Telework is implemented initially performing tasks of Office requiring minimal interaction with the client without the physical presence in normal work place, using the telematic and telecommunications. Its success was that it allowed to reduce travel times, decrease stress, improve individual performance to implement the performance by objectives, achieve greater autonomy and mobility, eliminate control of schedules, develop and constantly educate employees and combine work and personal life. Virtual assistance arises specifically as an executive secretarial support service for professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who require an Assistant but that, by its limited infrastructure, geographic location, or its limited budget, opt for an alternative to the traditional face-to-face engagement mode, reducing costs and optimizing resources. The virtual assistant is a continuous, accessible support and multifaceted that, thanks to their constant training, It develops a wide variety of tasks in a systematic and orderly way. Some areas of expertise that can be mentioned are: administrative, marketing, communication, research, planning and management, commercial and others tailored to the customer’s demand. This system has its source of support in the various technologies ranging from fixed and portable computers, fax, fixed and cellular phone, email, chat, video conferencing, skype, etc., allowing a constant communication between the parties regardless of location. The mode of engagement is set according to the specific needs, either per hour, by hour blocks or by project, always offering a personalized, fluid and permanent attention. As you can see, we are in an era of dizzying changes where the different actors are compelled to accompany them to remain competitive. Virtual assistance is proposed as a strategic ally for the customer, one of your team whom you delegate those tasks to the They distract from its main activity and allow you to focus on the development of your business.


A company of construction in Spain may be specialized in specific aspects of the construction process or can have all the resources to finish the entire project, from design to its construction, by their own account. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael Bloomberg. It tends to be good idea to hire a firm that is capable of concluding a project, from the beginning to the end. More info: Vladislav Doronin. This helps to minimize the cost and time limits defined in the planning phase. However, in cases where you need to restore or remodel an existing building structure, probably requires a firm specialized in certain aspects of the construction process. It is useful to have a list of companies that present different specialties as well as those contacts that can provide all the services related to the construction under the same name or service. The Internet is the place where it is best to find information about construction companies in Spain. From a small house to an industrial building large-scale, construction companies can provide services to a huge variety of customers and objectives, such as public works, construction of bridges, Earth movement, industrial buildings and road construction. They are also one of the largest employers of people with different backgrounds and skills.

Architects, civil engineers, project managers, engineers for construction services, structural engineers and supervisors are some of the experts that necessarily comprise a company of construction in Spain. A construction project also needs help from professionals such as contractors, building materials suppliers, landscapers, electrical engineers, financial advisors, lawyers and many more to get final shape. When planning for the construction of industrial buildings, large constructions, construction almances or shopping malls, is good idea contrtar to a company that is capable of completing both small and large projects of industrial engineering within a timeline. A company of industrial engineering for unique work or small and large scale construction projects can not be considered without paying attention to your experience. BSK is a construction company that expects to see a flow exceptional in all types of construction activities by all parts of the country. This makes the role of a company of construction in Spain very important.

As a construction company, it contributes to the responsibility of expediting their activities with deliveries of quality. Thus achieved a substantial change in management and in urban infrastructure in general in all Spain, in tune with the international format. Expectations are high; BSK has its own method and resources to satisfy them much before the deadlines are met. BSK has strategies and plans to provide sufficiently in advance of the construction projects and industrial proyecotos.