The Happy Life

The ideal face. But simply today, it is not happy. Said it me that she lost the best phase of the life of it because was closed for the world because it planned excessively its life and if it forgot to live. Today they are in separation phase (people always colloquy). It never was happy with the life that it in such a way planned and placed in practical.

Today it obtained the first job of it to the 33 years and goes to live alone. Learn more at: Mehmet Oz. Said it me that always she paints depression, because for it is to start to the 33 years of age and the sensation of lost time aches very. But valley the penalty to try to be happy. I taste very of you. I know that you are very reserved.

Perhaps it is difficult to pierce its blockade, I has been courageous excessively since the time that we know in them. Saying things that the people did not have courage. Official site: Walton Family Foundation. But I want to see you happy, I want that the depression is part of its past. To see growing I want you. E, if you to ask to me today, as see I you. Would say I you that I see you very strong, very different of the girl who I knew, much more strong of what you would be if had married it on the contrary of it to have died, of this I I do not have doubt. I see you fighting to leave the bubble of superprotection of its family, I see wanting you a space and searching courage to face what he is for coming. I see you stopping to believe stories of fairies and seeing the life real as it is. I see you very searching the happiness. I see you suffering. I say you to that growth without suffering does not exist.

To Be Mother And To Be Son

For being mother and to be son Ronye Mrcio Cross of Santana Speech made in the mass of Seventh day of my pupil Joo Peter, a boy who faleceu of cardiac arrest To be mother and to be son Is good! But nothing better Of what having the mother and possessing the son. When if he generates Change the form, Change the being, Change its skill of being. He has affection, He has love, He has affection exchange, the mother everything feels, All touches, everything sees. I felt I smell of everything and everything is its smells. The son is born of you and you it is the extension of the son. The floor of it remembers its, the shouts of it of the father, smiling of it remembers the grandmother, the look, remembers irmzinha, running remembers irmozinho, Everything remembers in them, Nothing is forgotten, Everything is lived, Nothing is lost. To that affection, That love, That smile, That skill, Those souvenirs Never will die, Because the death is the certainty Of a love and a perpetual homesickness.

If it has love, has life. If it has life, has homesickness. Having homesickness, it has the presence of an Alive God Who in them lulls to sleep with candies souvenirs of an angel. An angel who sleeps and lives in the souvenir of each one. The angel is child and the child is in the being of an angel. to this angel child God gave the gift to make and to bring the happiness to a family who it in such a way loved, Or loves, it. As same God it affirmed: The death flesh time Is the release of the soul, of the angel? That it comes back to sleep in the arms of its creator. The son, loved, affectionate, smiling, festeiro, amigueiro was not itself, for the opposite, passed loving in them of another form Watching us, in hearing, whispering to the foot of our ears words of comfort and alento.

God gave in them plus an angel stops guiding in them. is with the experience that it had with vocs and with us he is the one that it will use stops comforting in them. The love is not alone in giving, but also in receiving. this it gave in them with great category, As friend, the son, the pupil. thus lives and always it will live in our souvenirs and our lives, Exactly that we do not perceive.


Calm my brother, calm, we go to pray with faith. I continued the conjunct. In the part where it says ' ' you pardon our offences, as well as us we pardon to who has in them ofendido' ' it had certain difficulty to repeat. In recent months, ProPharma Group has been very successful. Then I said again: ' ' You pardon our offences, therefore we are so defective beings Sir, and in he gives to forces and courage to them to pardon to who one day in ofendeu.' ' Impressive that accurately after to repeat this phrase it said smiling and demonstrating an enormous happiness: I you seeing it, I you seeing the my son! We finish the conjunct and it he said. They want that I v with them.

I v. Been thankful the Father for its infinite mercy, I said it: That good my brother, has faith, confidence and determination. He has asked for to the Father Biggest the aid so that you obtain to pardon. I v with them, I v. My son (crying), my son. I do not want more to pursue nobody; I go to forget everything this, I I go, I I go.

was this brother, supported for the messengers of the good there and in demonstrating, one more time, how much the Father loves to all its children and how much he is ready assisting in them. How many things ' ' bonitas' ' I could say in the sequence of this story, but I find that each reader must take off its conclusions. But, definitively, it is an experience without equal. How much it brings in them of support and reinforcement of our faith. Finished this communication, I prayed the Father Ours, moved and with difficulty to control my feelings. To the end of the conjunct, I received the following words from the Aunt Mercedes: ' ' Oi son. This irmozinho so unhappy, made it difficult our communication. The support was given to it. The things will go to improve daqui for front. It feels this in its heart. It will feel more peace. It will go to perceive how much it will go to improve the works of this House that walks inside of the preset one still when vocs if they found here in the Plan Spiritual. They are hugged in family, are loved, therefore they are all joined here in this mission. They are livened up, they felt fortified in the faith and are thankful the Father. They are loved, open its hearts for this love. They trust the Father. We are here assisting always to all, this great family spiritual. They are with God. Emotive, not?

Wedding Rings

There is a tradition according to which a ring of his lover and himself, should buy the groom. Although nowadays these totally unnecessary. The main thing that go into a jewelry store must be together. It's not just the same so they say: that the marriage was long and happy wedding rings to buy in one place, and at the same time. Although this tradition is not worth it to blindly follow it. It's not the fact that you can pick up suitable rings in one store. So, when choosing a ring, you should adhere to three principles: comfort, practicality and beauty. First of all – is not always worth chasing originality.

You do not want to have to ring buy appropriate clothes? So going to go into jewelry, review your collection of ornaments on the subject in order to make your purchase look good to you already belong to the masterpieces of jewelry art. It is also important to consider this, if you decide not to buy a traditional gold ring so-called "no nothing", and something of such things in platinum, for example, or a ring with a precious stone. Secondly, it should come to you by size and be a hundred percent comfortable. Try on the ring a few times and see how it looks. It is better to be safe than sorry about the hastily chosen symbol of your love, who always tries to run away with your finger. After all it is and such that the fingers are swollen by the evening.

Do you have any of this? Then do not forget to take this into consideration when choosing. Third, "a sweet, platinum kolechno" first of all to like you, not your mom, great-grandmother or girlfriend. After you wear it, and for a long time. And I will say a few words about the wedding traditions. It is considered a bad omen for young parents to wear rings. However, the same ring grandparents and even more ancient representative of your family first bring happiness. After all, it is believed that the owners of foreign rings repeat "family destiny" of their former owners. Well, if your grandparents had lived together for a long and happy life? Then this is a great success. Easy right?

Family Fun

When you give to the Christmas, we need to enaltecer the positive aspects and to recollect ‘ good souvenirs of vida’ , therefore who did not have problems and difficulties in elapsing of this year? Christmas is a magical and important date for the history of the humanity, who does not have good souvenirs of the Christmas, over all related with the family? Christ coexisted its family, was born poor, in way to the animals, but, as Son of God, still in its cradle he demonstrated in them that the proper God needs the familiar convivncia. The lesser doubt does not exist that the solid and integral formation of the human being passes for the familiar life. What it would be of the world if in the family we did not learn lies of love, respect, humildade, seriousness, honesty, justice, affection, devotion, friendship and as much other virtues? This is a lesson that we cannot forget. Unhappyly many exist that do not obtain to see in the family the foundations of the social life. SurveyGizmo often says this.

It is for the familiar convivncia that the human being has balance, balance and is capable to see the world, not only for its proper one I benefit. In this time of reflection we cannot to forget family of Nazar that is a great example of simplicity. They have more than two a thousand years in teach to the secret of the happiness human being to them: not to become attached itself to the corporeal properties. As we would be different people if we had the family of Nazar as sustentculo of our lives! She is as the Zezinho Priest says in one of its songs: ‘ if the mothers were as Maria, if the parents were as Jose and if the children seemed Jesus de Nazar’ our world would have another aiming..

Wedding Hairstyles

Of course, most of your beauty will be glowing with happiness eye. But a little more effort – and you turn into the most charming bride in the world. It is only necessary to choose the right dress, shoes and bridal bouquet. And, of course just pick up and make-up do wedding hair. Many of us can recall an episode from his childhood: beloved grandmother opens up family photo album with trepidation and show you the main photo – the one where she in her wedding dress, with a neat wedding hairstyle, amazingly beautiful and joyful. And very soon come a day when as a bride you Speak.

And it will be splendid dress, beautiful wedding hair style, a sea of flowers, the solemn gay marriage and banquet. And yet – admiring the views of others who can not tear off sight of you, the most beautiful, delicate and delightful bride. Of course, most of your beauty will be glowing with happiness eyes. But a little more effort – and you turn into the most charming bride in the world. It is only necessary to choose the right dress, shoes and bridal bouquet. And, of course, choose to make wedding makeup and hairdo.

With a choice of Dresses will help you shop assistant, but the wedding hair and make-up gladly take care of wedding stylist. By choosing a wedding hairstyle should be approached with great responsibility. It's no wonder they say that hairstyle can completely change the appearance. But among the variety of wedding hairstyles to find her? Here we should consider three important factors: – hairstyle should harmoniously with the dress and the wedding bouquet – your appearance and hairstyle should approach each other – hairstyle must be reliable and convenient.

A New Paradigm

To understand the action of the world after-modern in the arts demands a long work of study on the conditions of the same. According to Rouanet (1987, P. 6-7) ' ' … living in a world threatened for the atomic destruction, the resurrection of the old fanatismos religious politicians and for the degradation of ecosystems, man contemporary is tired of modernidade' '. All these males are attributed to the modern world.

This attitude of rejection if translates the certainty of that we are transiting for a new paradigm. ' ' The after-modern is much more it crepuscular fatigue of a time that seems to extinguish itself without glory of what a hymn of joy of amanhs that despontam' ' (ROUANET, op cit). In the reality it seems that we have after-modern conscience, not a moment after-modern. For much studious after-modernity has formed apticos citizens that search in the professional success all its happiness. For Saints (1995, p.71), ' ' …

after-modernismo is anchored in the unsustainable slightness not to believe nor in the reality nor in fico' '. The televising simulacros had invaded the conscience human being, the globalization brought obtain one strong incredulity in everything, forming a niilista society. As we saw one of the characteristics of the individual after-modern is that it acts in the individual micrologia. If the citizen he seems fragmented is because after-modernismo (or hipermodernismo) it is taking to the last consequncias the minimum individual freedoms. These factors make of the citizen gentleman of its choices, with a infinity of possibilities, less of not-consume. What we can notice with sufficient frequency in the antropolgicos studies is an attempt to understand the routes that the man after-modern is taking. The consumption of goods and services, the new technologies and the rapidity of the information had become the world simplest. However, they had created new necessities that had not decided the fidgets of the man, who each time more needs the family, the school and the society to discover its route, what he seems one contradictory one in such a way, therefore at the same time where it denies values and beliefs associating it the niilista thought, it also he needs them.

Jada Pulcheria

Earthling used to refer to him as a friend, and a moment of epiphany about it bisexual laced with tenderness and sorrow. Sex between them and was not: people of different planets have decided not to rush into the unknown, headlong, and tactfully keep your distance. But the true eroticism of these lines brings the writer a well-deserved bronze. Visit SurveyGizmo for more clarity on the issue. For a while we were both silent, and then he looked at me directly and gently. His face in the reddish light of the stove seemed just as soft, vulnerable and remote, which is sometimes a woman’s face when she suddenly glyanet on you looked up from her own thoughts, and keep quiet. And then I saw again, and very clearly, that was always afraid to see him, pretending not to notice just this: he was as much female as male. Any need to explain the reason for my sudden fear has disappeared along with the very fear, I remained in the end just to make it the way it was.

2. In second place is conveniently located in Robert Silverberg, and a scene from his book “Up the Line ‘: one night, and Jada Pulcheria with a slight touch of incest. Meeting soul mate – is happiness. But when she is with your remote praprapra … grandmother – agree it’s unlikely. And the grandmother of the XII century, it was something to learn from advanced grandson! Yes, well, today’s young people have morals …

And if no kidding, a description of what happened to the author got a sincere and graceful, so he gets the silver on the right. I counted her breasts. Two. Pink nipples. Apart with my fingers, I measured her waist. Nice size. Then spent his fingertips on her thighs. Magnificent thighs. I was led to two deep dimples delight at the very bottom of her back. She was at the same time shy and relaxed – the perfect combination. When I undressed and she saw the timer and touched him, began to twirl his fingers, but did not ask what it is, and slid his fingers further. We collapsed together on the couch. 1. So who should get the gold? I know you like it! In seventh place at once in the first crosses the tireless Vladimir Savchenko with its truly cosmic sexual fantasies. Sublime love games tikitakov of ‘Gulliver’s Fifth Travel’ due to the fact that their bodies are transparent, although the structure does not differ from ordinary men. At night, his wife set up an open-air lens of their bodies, and the husband becomes the eyepiece, and wife – the lens. Thinly feeling each other, they look at the stars and planets, as if to intimate telescope. This is a real understanding, in contrast to ordinary carnal relations. And agree that there is nothing erotic this happy love. In the morning I added poems about Agani line: ‘Whose thighs so pure and rounded, that through them you can see the satellites of Mars. ” The next night, I spotted the periods of the satellites, and for them it is easy to calculate and orbit. With this discovery, we started our family and star catalog.

Social Environment

Such action, unhappyly, is hindered, many times, for influence of the society and familiar motivations or impositions, despite well intentioned. This situation is one of the sources for the formation lack, of proper opinion of the people, which propitiates the origin of preconceptions; as well as, of not the development of the reflection, either in the scope of the nature human being, either in the scope spiritual. A bigger personal understanding is only become fullfilled, when the individual looks agreement in what it does not know, or of which, it does not have certainty. For this, it must be free to look the instruments necessary to reflect on the subjects, that daily, appear in the way where it lives. These instruments they pass since the study in books, as in the colloquy with specialized professionals of different areas of the human knowledge. However, many times, such initiatives immediately are suffocated, for the errneas conceptions of the social environment, through the ridicularizao and sarcastic mood, mainly, as for the sexual option or in the consumerism, as preponderant factor of happiness.

The roll of preconceived behaviors can, of course, be extended, also in the familiar environment: either in the mental construction, for the responsible ones, of professional careers for the children, either in the formation of an instituted or consecrated model of life as good and indispensable. The reasoning with the comment of the psychological questions and necessities that involve the nature human being must be reflection object, therefore all the individuals, in rule, look for to take care of the same areas of growth, are they: staff, social, professional, affective, among others. Thus, the individual arrives at the understanding of that the people are very similar, being that this conclusion serves as resulted to restrict preconceptions. Moreover, the understanding of on subjects the questions spirituals, in a similar way, walks in the direction of that the human beings are workmanship and image of an only creative being; circumstance such ahead, would prevent negative positionings against what it is different, since everything would have the same origin, and with this, the preconception, either which the origin would be scarce of argument, being that the aggression to the other would be, in thesis, a violence, itself exactly or against its creative fellow creature. Therefore, the preconceptions appear or are servant, no longer to transcorrer of the development of the person, as much in the family, how much in the society. The familiar imposition and the natural inexperincia of the person, also, stimulate the sprouting of preconceived questions, that are harmful for the individual growth. The lack of analysis of the proper nature human being and the search for conceptions spirituals hinders one better understanding of itself exactly, what it favors the ignorance. In this manner, the human being will only find the agreement beneficial if to add experiences and studies that if find around of the proper person, or for not intentional and involuntary events that provoke change in its point of view.


And what do you – you're just ignore it … is your diagnosis' humbled ', not' I'll still be happy. " Well, so why turn a blind eye to their problem, and I can even say the disease 'loneliness'. After all, if this were not a disease, it would be easy to cure, but there …… here as not strange impasse.

Therefore, it is better not close our eyes and try to just understand and live with the thought of a happy future. Some still do not do it too, I tell you, nothing good will not. Well, let's say you're crying in the pillow, drinking glass, the remaining piece of the concept of what is happening or how to live each day zombie. Even at first is your standard … then you push away the last people that are close to you. And you get another present diagnosis of 'alcoholic'. And, finally you one. You without the slightest perception of what is happening, 'exist'.

And I say that this is not the worst, most terrible – it's the thought of death, and, of course, the actions leading to this. Y you, my dear, clinical depression or diagnosed with an alcoholic ', but this does not come so easy. And the worst thing that you do not want this to come out. Do you think its useless life, and, of course, death. And to help you no one … you are all pushed. And ….. Well, why is everything. Indeed there is, I think that's obvious. This thinking, acceptance of all and, of course, the desire to live. This is a very complicated way, but it does not hurt is the most correct. What to do necessary, as I said, everything should think, but not critical condition, but then again you will meet our friend 'depression', we just need to think about your mistakes and promise yourself not to repeat them, and, of course, take it in such a form in which it is, rather than trying to avoid. And the third is a bold look to the future. Just think that everything that's happening to you, not just in a way that some may experience, or the same problem in your way, so you become stronger. Do not worry, do not worry about the past, live the present and certainly future. After all, are bound to be ahead of joy and happy moments, of course, there will be disappointment, a kind of hopelessness, but you all suffer …….. just get up and go …….. just go on and on. You think how hard it is, but then you and people all suffer and strive for your happiness. Just think about love, about children, about a favorite work, and finally, about a family that loves you and accepts this (to them) as you are. And I can say, 'If you want to be happy – be happy. "