Smile Eyes: Anterior Chamber IOL – The Alternative To LASIK

Smile eyes informed Munich August 2011 of opportunities and possibilities of the intraocular lenses. What to do if a LASIK surgery out of the question? In this case, the implantation of anterior chamber lens for optimal patient may be an appropriate solution. This type of intraocular lens is especially for medium to severe myopia (6.5 to-16 diopters). The surgeon who smile eyes eye clinic Munich Airport have years of experience in the field of transplantation of lenses and contact on a particularly patient friendly process. If the glasses during leisure activities, which chooses today prefers a LASIK surgery. But not all patients come for treatment with the laser vision LASIK method in question.

Especially in the case of significantly increased dioptres convincing alternatives to the refractive laser eye surgery are in demand. The surgeons of the smile eyes advise their patients increasingly to the implantation of an intraocular lens eye clinic airport Munich. The advantage: This solution is used also for People with extremely severe myopia to-16 diopters in consideration. The lens used by smile eyes is the Chamber angle-supported anterior chamber lens AcrySof cachet. A procedure in which a very gentle procedure applies the smile-eyes surgeons implant these phakic lens between the cornea back area and anterior surface of the IRIS.

The fixation of the lens in the eye by using four small brackets. Especially their very soft and pliable material is considered decisive special feature of the lens. Thanks to this flexibility, the surgeon can fold the front Chamber list and transplant through a small incision on the edge of the cornea in the eye. The phakic lens is hardly recognizable, but compensates for the Visual defects such as glasses or contact lenses. At the same time, the offers in the smile eyes eye clinic airport Munich used the advantage that he is at all times easily removable or interchangeable lens type. Like LASIK surgery, a personal consultation is required prior to the implantation of an intraocular lens. In the eyes of the smile is airport Munich eye clinic Preliminary study using modern diagnostic equipment, making it possible to customize the lens on the universitatsallee patients. The surgeons of the smile-eyes clinics have several years of experience in the field of lens surgery. Learn more about the smile eyes eye clinic Munich Airport are available at. About smile eyes smile eyes eye doctors accept since 1997 of the operational correction of vision defects. The high-volume surgeons smile eyes look back on the experience from 25,000 refractive procedures at plants in Munich, Trier, Linz, pastures and Vorarlberg and treat with modern methods. The services offered by smile eyes includes the procedures excimer LASIK, Femto LASIK, as well as the range of lenses surgery in the focus.