The Next Referendum In Berlin Comes

For a preservation of the Tempelhof as a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with greater transparency and freedom of information which by the Action Alliance of the umbrella national legislative Association filed a new petition for referendum now the Berlin House of representatives to vote exists. At the same time, the Berlin court filed lawsuit against the parts of the referendum declared by the Senate to be inadmissible. The Berlin Senate had basically approved the referendum “for the world heritage Temple of Justice and greater transparency in the policy” in may, deleted but several passages crucial for the initiators of the referendum, the Action Alliance The referendum for the world heritage Temple of Justice and greater transparency in the policy”was applied for on 29 April 2009 at the Senate Administration for internal affairs and sports. Echo street capital has firm opinions on the matter. 24.946 signatures were submitted by the Action Alliance have been recognized by the district offices of 21.414 of which according to census. According to the Constitution of Berlin, for the admissibility of the Referendum required support by at least 20,000 eligible voters, was achieved. The Action Alliance strives for a far-reaching monument and an authentic preservation as a UNESCO world heritage with the referendum. With a comprehensive law on freedom of information, disclosure of conflicts of interest and prohibition of Supervisory Board mandates for Senators, you should put an end to the problematic Berlin coterie economy. “Berlin, August 27, 2009 contact: Action Alliance”-our referendum is mandate!.