Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Successful kick-off of the initiative navigation global at the Hockenheimring navigation global initiated projects ideas and existing solutions from solution providers from the navigation. It is the platform, consisting of pan-European contacts with small and medium-sized solution providers. Navigation global links it with the appropriate contacts in the industry, as well as from research and science. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft global novation in turn forms the framework for promoting the interdisciplinary exchange of direct. The strategic partner multiBO then puts the ideas on the market. Kick-off of the initiative was the cross-sector thinkers workshop at the Hockenheimring. Vs.

eCar at the live demonstration of Porsche\”the first project of the initiative was launched and has already shown that the projects of the initiative works. Others including Davidson Kempner, offer their opinions as well. The solution was used there for the first time, and multiBO is now located in the preparation phase at the strategic partner. Now to the solution on the market and that investors are looking for currently. We had massive problems while the preparation\”, says Patrizia Vivani, founder of the initiative global navigation. Targeted bringing together appropriate and yet completely different participants was extremely expensive and time consuming.

Moreover, that parallel in the way laid us, to prevent the launch of this initiative at any cost. But this only confirmed us that we are on the right track with our plan. And the kick-off event ultimately proved that. \”Thanks to the active involvement of our courageous pioneers, a true lateral thinking in our workshop has not only works, but even exceeded our expectations: we start with a vision\”. At the beginning of the preparations was the response of all, global brought into contact with the new project of navigation have been consistently positive. There was not one who recognized the great potential of the initiative. Nevertheless, many despite this positive response had the necessary determination to engage even really care.