Everyday Life

Life in divided Berlin at the Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the construction of the wall, the Division of Germany the focus was time witness reports. Has been overlooked, that the cementing of the border at the same time was the beginning of a new era in the life of the people of East and West Germany from now on different has evolved. Reminded of the Berliner journalist Bernd Schwintowski the book wall years – life in divided Berlin. The documentation of the time witnesses experiences provides insight into the everyday life of the people on both sides of the wall. Sen. Marco Rubio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Famous people who speak it are rare. Names and functions play hardly any role. Rather the aim is to describe how the Berlin with the tear through their city come clear.

So, the book documents not only the desperation but also the energy of individuals, who were not bending to the diktat of the wall and who had to settle in over the years yet so. The complexity of the vote, which the author cites, immerses the reader into almost all areas of daily life. Sometimes be in the stories even events from the news of the world in a new light known years exciting from 28 have moved, because people here have come to Word, which no longer had to remain silent after the end of the cold war. “The book of wall years life in divided Berlin” is the companion reading to the eponymous series of rbb in the already many of the witnesses from the book have come to speak at the same time. Schwintowski enriched these contributions by other interviews describing time and again time political events from the very personal perspectives of the people. The documentation provides more than any textbook can give: provide authentic insight, in the time of the Division of Germany to the point of intersection between two social systems, which were nowhere so close and yet so far as in Berlin. “Wall years life in divided Berlin”, has been published in the noble-Verlag, Hamburg, ISBN 978-3-8419-0104-0 (24.95 EUR).