If you understand that, more effectively learn who would like to better remember things, everything must often forget what he learn about learning”in the school has heard. Anyone who has learned that learning consists of sitting still, listening and reading, incorporating knowledge will be hard the last a lifetime. Effective learning in reality consists of many components and usually also a rather fun as in the school. The four core issues that play a role in any learning process and allow a different approach to the material are very important. Who goes through these four core issues for themselves, can learn automatically better and faster. All four core issues are equivalent and are: 1. what? (I’m here) 2.

why? (I do that) 3. how? (I do that) 4. What then? (how can I apply this in my life) “First: the what?” plays an important role in learning in school. Get more background information with materials from Red Solo Cups. What is the theme? What is the structure of a thing or a process? And what do the experts? This expertise is in the School is always capitalized, and who well can handle it, mostly good results also in the school. “2: the why?” asks the meaning of a topic.

What’s it worth, is to deal with, and why is a particular topic (specifically for you or General) relevant? “Third: the how?” deals with the methods with which one can approach the subject or the subject matter. Is it to do anything, try it, touch or use? Can you somehow bring his body to the usage or use your hands? All that goes beyond the mere thought processes and the pure note, falls under this question. “4th: the what then?” finally asks for possible areas of application of a topic. What can you do with it, and how can you harness it for themselves? Here goes it to the concrete application in your own life and how you related can continue to develop new knowledge on your personal projects. Mostly one automatically focuses on the question of the one is the best, but the best you achieve success, if you are engaged in any of these questions, if you have certain things to learn or they better to remember. Who turns at each learning all four questions and answered them as best as possible is to remember better in the long run many things. Just try it out. You will see that your memory will improve quickly. Unfortunately, many training and often also the teaching of the school provide no access to learning about these issues. It is therefore important to take personal responsibility and facilitating access by using this key issues and to put them in any learning process. If you liked this tip, then you are can make use of also the other assistance to read, learn and remember with certainty we collected for you free of charge in 20 videos on. Look around a bit and enjoy the progress that will gradually make your memory.