Road Repairs

To date, the coating of roads in the cities of our country is characterized by nonuniform base of the roadway. Cracks, patching, a lot of underground sewer manholes, all this is a very negative effect on the asphalt pavement and sidewalks. Because of all this destruction going on asphalt surfaces, while not guaranteed reached their service life. Question the use of any of geomaterials for construction and Improvement in urban areas is very important. The most effective way to increase the strength of coatings of asphalt and concrete reinforcement geogrid is. Reinforcement mesh of geomaterials, in particular of fiberglass, makes it possible to increase the service life of pavements by increasing the temperature resistance and tensile stresses.

Fiberglass materials due to its viscosity can withstand regardless of time and temperature regimes. While the asphalt coating sensitive to temperature changes, and often lose their flexibility and become brittle in the cold season, geogrid not change their properties at temperatures from -70 C to +350 C. When carrying out work on the improvement in the cities should pay special attention to aesthetic aspects, and therefore the construction and repair of streets, sidewalks and roads used decorative products: pavers, tiles, drainage systems, culverts, etc. The use of geogrids in conjunction with such coatings significantly increases their lifespan. Another important aspect of at stroitelsve and reconstruction of urban buildings, the strengthening of facilities such as dams, landslide slopes, slopes of roads, tunnels, etc.

Such events should be performed using Geosynthetics: geomaty, geogrid, gabion structures, geomembrane. For example, geomaty can serve as a permanent or temporary restorative element to protect the soil on slopes and slopes from wind and moisture. Install geogrid also provides an opportunity to strengthen the surface, preventing them from sliding under the action of rainwater, and the construction of such arrays allows vegetation to sprout through the material, further enhancing it on the ground. Many Russian cities, such as Krasnodar, Perm, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don implement geosynthetic technologies in urban construction, and are already feeling the benefits of such materials. When constructing new Cities also apply the latest methods of organizing the road surface, which improves the appearance and reduces maintenance costs.