Crown Furniture

The coolest option – it is a classic. Here furniture in dark tones with various smooth inserts, bed, for example, with an oak headboard. For a compact space is the ideal style of "minimalism." For him, characterized by bright, soft colors, little furniture, modern accessories. All it creates a pleasant light atmosphere. If you like neat intricate forms and not standard solutions, then you have created a style of modernism. In the examples of styles listed above, the horizons of design and interior of a bedroom does not end. Flight of fantasy allows each owner to build a comfort that will please the eye and mind constantly.

The thing is well thought of each trifle. As for the shadow range, it is recommended not to choose large bedrooms bright colors to visually enlarge the space. Dark colors are suitable for large rooms with high ceilings and good osveschaemostyu. It is best to select the shade of the walls, and purchased a tulle furniture. For example, the furniture of natural wood are ideal gentle – blue and pink colors. The Crown takes place in the bedroom bed.

Classic – this one – or a double bed, which takes place in the middle of the room, or at one of the walls. Will be no worse than a sofa bed that will make the bedroom and living room together. For people who value freedom of space, ideally choose flip bed built-in, for example, in a cabinet or furniture wall. Do not forget, when buying a bed complement its main attribute – quality orthopedic mattress. Actually, this mattress will be responsible for the quality of your holiday. In addition to the major pieces of furniture in the bedroom, often there are other necessary attributes necessary for daily life. Dresser or closet for storage, decorative cabinet or vanity. It is necessary that they nicely fit into the overall design of the interior takes up little space and thus are functional to the last niche or shelf. The most popular option is to combine the bedroom and dressing room, which behind a special screen. For a small room ideal case – compartment with mirrored sliding doors. Mirrors visually increase the space. Complement the space lounge, you can use bedside cupboards. Analogue bedside pedestals may be additional shelf near the bed, adding lights or trim their niches in the wall, which fits easily and selected alarm book. Think of all the interior details: pictures, favorite trinkets on the shelves, the family phonograph, and beautiful carpets. All these details will create a course on – this cozy bedroom.