Eurolog Automated Freight Clearing

While the electronic bills of euro-log are signed, verified and tamper-proof archived in the 24plus document archive. For the beneficiaries of the access they are there at any time can be found in PDF format. The process innovative in the forwarding area meets all legal requirements of German and European legislation for the Exchange and processing of electronic invoices. The Eurolog billing portal enables the 24plus partners operating on a common data base. The tariffs, cooperative has been reviewed and released by the relevant partners on the platform basis. The application draws both on cooperation in tariffs, as well as bilateral tariffs. Therefore, the flexible and timely settling of mutual benefits is guaranteed. About the Web-based interface the participants can in real time see the currently accumulated freight and day evaluate. One did not agree, is a partner with the settlement of a specific broadcast so he can deposit directly from his point of view correct order and calculation data in the system. The values adjusted by the partners, as well as created by the system of established order and calculation data are always visible for all involved. A phase-controlled complaints process, an agreement can be achieved in the system. The otherwise necessary, time-consuming vote of the Bill decreases significantly, and will take place immediately after the actual service delivery. As a whole the euro-log solution accelerated the correct settlements between the parties, which noticeably increases the liquidity of all those involved.