Global Consciousness

Within the holistic education all the intellectual, emotional and artistic must be grown with love and respect to the processes and characteristics of each student we serve. The entire second level of educational shows is holarchy community awareness of the human being is a more complete level that already includes other, the teacher emphasizes the holistic quality of human relationships, thus emerging learning communities at school. Holistic educators see the human being as a social being by nature and community-oriented, social interaction is another integral part of individual development, social skills are encouraged through cooperative action and teamwork. The entire third level of social consciousness is referred to national or racial consciousness of human beings become important where the ideological and economic goals of the countries or cultures. The atmosphere of the education should revolve around solidarity, shared human needs, justice and the encouragement of original thinking and critical. Values must be personified by every citizen. The fourth level refers to the global consciousness, the processes of globalization that demand a global concern, is to promote and strengthen a love of humanity and gratitude to our house as it is the planet earth, that is environmental education. In this sense, global education is based on an ecological approach that emphasizes the connection and interdependence of nature and life and human cultures, it aims to open minds to a respect for life in all its forms. The fifth level holistic educator who works is the spiritual consciousness that is our nature, what we really are.