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The end product is used further as a dietary supplement called Coral calcium. in water, it does not dissolve, but when you add to water, calcium enters the ionic form and easily absorbed by body cells. Coral water – water in which coral calcium is added. Coral calcium: – reduces the surface tension of the liquid, which can significantly reduce the energy consumption for water penetration through the cell membrane – shifts the redox potential of the fluids in the negative direction to a value of-50mV –150 mV (millivolts). These values correspond to the redox potential of human blood (from-100do -200 mV), which allows the body's cells do not expend too much energy per alignment of its value for water that enters the body, and to transmit that energy to the internal exchange – any water will do any kind of bio, restores the structure of water, giving water 'live' energy, clears the information about the technological and other information about the other negative impacts, the water begins to carry natural information – changes the reaction of water in strontium alkalinization, which inhibits the process of acidification of the internal environment.

Almost all human body fluids are either neutral or slightly alkaline, the exception is gastric juice, which has an acid reaction. Blood is the reaction of 7.43, the reaction of healthy lymph 7.5. Learn more at: Vlad Doronin. When change reaction of the internal environment of the body comes to normal balance of alkali and acid, and the body begins a process of self-healing – represents a unique natural sorbent by netted a fine-grained structure. Applying it can significantly minimize the concentration of organic toxins, chlorine (not only inorganic but also very difficult to remove organic), salts heavy metal – enriched water is whiter than 70 is very important for the normal functioning of mineral compounds in bioavailable form, acts as a source of bioavailable calcium. Calcium ions are involved in translation excitation to the muscle fibers, thus providing the contractile ability of muscle fibers. Participates in ensuring the normal course of metabolism in the human body, regulate processes system and the digestive organs – the Prevention of the formation of arthritis, increase the elasticity of the muscles, increase flexibility of joints, restoration of the structure of bone and cartilage tissues of the body – blood enrichment oxygen; – improve blood flow to the central nervous system and other tissues, normalization of pressure and sugar levels; Use Coral Calcium Coral – Mine Coral – Main – coral water contributes to the formation conditions for active longevity, strengthen the body's defenses, self-healing organism. Material provided by the site Coral Club

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