Managing Director

Independence without economic risk is possible in the direct sale of LR. CEO Dr. Jens evening stressed the sustainable entry and career opportunities at LR health & beauty system. The direct marketing offers alternative models of work and income opportunities. Despite the crisis, the distribution branch recorded a significant growth.

According to the CEO of LR, Dr. Jens evening, the trend will remain as positive: the direct marketing is a business that has an enormously high growth potential compared to other distribution channels. LR health & beauty systems is one of the most successful in the European direct marketing. Compared to a normal working relationship working in direct marketing has a lot of benefits that much appreciate above all women. Thus, the reconciliation of family and career is effortless possible. The flexible arrangement of working hours and work from home allow individual work management, benefit of also the privacy and the education of children. For the entry in Direct knowledge and certificates are irrelevant: everyone can earn money here as extra income or a capital income.

We offer everyone a chance for sales success and a promising career! “, says the Managing Director of LR health & beauty system Jens tonight. Only the joy in dealing with people and the associated interpersonal skills are required for the direct sale. Independence with LR LR, a leading European provider of high-quality health and beauty products in direct marketing”, as Dr. Jens M. night put it, promotes, supervises and trains intensively the partner. The high-quality products convince not only customers, but also the distributors and thus constitute an important identification and operational readiness factor. Dr. Jens M. evening in the professional training program of the company and sees a benefit of partnership with LR health & beauty system. Hands-on product training and sales seminars, the partner of LR can the acquire the necessary skills for a successful independence.