The Organizations as open systems System is a set of elements dynamically related that develop an activity to reach definitive objective. We possess the closed systems and open, where closed systems are the machines and equipment and etc, they do not interact of direct form with the external way and always receive the same entrances (inputs) and always return the same exits (outputs) for the environment. Already the open systems interact directly with the external environment, being able to receive diverse entrances and to return to diverse exits in form of products and services. The organizations are opened systems, livings creature, and complexes, therefore they interact with the external environment and they suffer how much negative positive changes in such a way, having that if to adapt the diverse generated alterations, as for example, when they enter a different country having that to change some norms to be able to adapt itself or, when they need to invent some new product that the market is demanding. This influence given for the way, becomes the organizations and companies systems opened and dynamic.

The companies who if always to adaptarem faster to these changes, adding values to the people, will be always to the front of its competitors. Burocratizadas companies demasiadamente, inflexible companies excessively will suffer with the fast changes of the environment, being able to take themselves until the bankruptcy. There it is the problem of companies with exceeded mentalities, mechanist excessively, therefore they possess an enormous difficulty in if adapting to the world in constant change and evolution. Nobody that gives certain, that has an enviable balance emotional, is so rigorous or flabby I obtain and with the others, and in the companies she is not different. All need to search a balance of these parts to reach the success, as much in the professional scope as in the staff.